I2B and CSA updates

What we've been doing to inspire the youth....

Alternative action sports by Chris
-The International Kalemba Skim Comp- This was the 3rd year that we went to this amazing event in Angola. Organised by Tchiyna Matos and the Kalemba skim crew. Kalemba skim invites people from around the world to go skim their amazing waves, to compete in a world class skim comp and to just hang out and have a good time. 

The amazing shore break 3 hours drive outside of Luanda on a beach called Cabo Ledo.

The vision of I2B, ChristianSkatersAfrica and ChristianSurfersAfrcia is for the most part just to represent Jesus in action sports. I2B decided to make CSA (ChristianSkimmersAfrica) t-shirts for this tour. Even some of the pro's liked it.

Some guys also rocked the I2B shirts. The grey one is from last year.

- The AllinSkim event-
After the Angola tour the skim community from Cape Town decided that we must get together once a month for a breakfast/braai and skim. I2B, ChristianSkimmers and Skim To Be Happy made it happen.

-"It's an I2B day!"-
Every school holiday there is a best trick skate and blade comp happening at the I2B skatepark. This was the June holiday event. The event is called, "It's an I2B day!" 

Two of the amateur guys won rollerblades.

-Some maintenance and new structures coming along.

-Starting to build a roof for the bowl-
Watch this space.

-New skates for the I2B clubs for 2015-
Thanks Lord!

Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie
-European Tour- We had a few good competitions to apply what we've been doing in training, in Berlin and Grosseto. We also had time to see a bit of the history of the places.

-Impact Team- We had fun watching the rugby and afterwards I shared my testimony  with the team.

-Amplified Partner Letter- 
Amplified asked me to write a short testimony in their monthly letter.
-Dare to Care-
 I motivated the youth in and around Simondium at their holiday sports program to value the dreams God has placed in their hearts and to go for it.

-AGS in Franschhoek-
 Dyan Buis invited me to share my testimony in their church.

CSA - Christian Skaters Africa by Chris

-CS T-shirt for Max- At the "It's an I2B day!". He won the amateur best trick.

LinkRollBraai for June happened at the Edgemead skatepark. Thanks to all the guys who came out to support.

-CS Nelspruit a.k.a Gsk8t by Gareth Green- This was a Cansa fundraiser initiative and took place on 21 March 2015. We worked with Lorenzo, a Cansa debutante from a local school in Nelspruit. Lorenzo came up with a fundraising idea for Cansa. He use to be part of Gsk8t before his senior years at school started taking up more of his time. Lorenzo approached us for help. We held an event where we raffled off a board. The skaters' entry fees went to Cansa and they sold food to raise funds. Lorenzo and the team were able to raise about R4000 with this initiative.


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Chris and Fanie van der Merwe

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