<<First Name>>, mangosteen is a magic fruit that enhance skin’s youth, suppleness and glow by nourishing your skin with a rich natural complex of vitamins, xanthones and other photo-nutrients. Try it for yourself!
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Garcinia mangostana
山竹果 (shānzhúguǒ)


Mangosteen FlowerRegarded as the Queen of Fruits in South East Asia, mangosteen is unique in its looks, taste and properties for health. The fruit is covered with thick deep purple-black bark, protecting a very delicate, soft fruit pulp shaped similar to garlic cloves.  Mangosteen’s taste however,  is far from garlic - it is very fragrant, sour-sweet and exotic, ranging in similarity to pineapple, peach, strawberry and grape. 


Mangosteen BudThe exact place where mangosteen originates is unknown, however, it is considered to be either the Sunda Islands or Malacca Islands. Originally a wild tree, around the 17th century mangosteen had become a cultivated plant in Thailand, Malaysia and Burma. Later on it reached Ceylon and India. In the 19th century mangosteen was brought and introduced to Trinidad from the Royal British Botanical Gardens, eventually landing also in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Cuba. The attempts to cultivate mangosteen either in Hawaii or California failed, due to great difference in soil and temperatures from its place of origin. 


South East Asia.


Opening a Mangosteen fruitBesides its unique and pleasant taste, mangosteen has been praised for its healing properties. Traditional medical systems of South East Asia have been using different parts of the plant for various conditions - extract of white pulp for alleviating fevers, infusion of leaves and bark for treating diarrhea and dysentery, ointment made of bark for healing eczemas and skin problems. 
Mangosteen contains some of the most potent polyphenols - xanthones, counting 40 among 200 scientifically found and approved xanthones in nature. These are compounds that give mangosteen anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-fungal properties to fight even such potent bacteria as staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella. Due to xanthones, mangosteen is one of the strongest natural antioxidants, fighting premature aging, toxins and tumors. 
Xanthones are strong health enhancers, as they work on cellular level, penetrating the cell’s membranes and destroying bacteria within the cells. Mangosteen therefore, is an effective agent and “super-fruit’  to inhibit and prevent such illnesses as arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, cataract, glaucoma and neurological conditions. 

Skincare Benefits

Mangosteen fruit macro viewDue again to xanthones, mangosteen is a powerful ingredient for skin detox and anti-aging treatment. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties help to sooth skin, rid it of toxic free radicals, even the complexion and lighten sun and age spots. Fruit acids help to stimulate cellular activity and improve elasticity of skin. 
Nourishing skin with all the rich natural complex of vitamins, xanthones and other photo-nutrients, mangosteen is a magic fruit to enhance skin’s youth, suppleness and glow. 



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