Riddle of the Week:  How do you make a missionary cry?

Looking Ahead

Full Steam Ahead

While there's a certain craziness to my summers, winter isn't far behind in the crazy category.  Here's a brief look at the events occupying my life for the next little while.
  • Pre-Departure Training January 24 - 26.  This is for our missionary appointees who have at least 60% of their support raised.  It starts to turn their focus to life outside the USA. It overlaps with . . .
  • Emeritus Program January 25 - 28. This is for our missionaries who are gearing up towards life back in the USA after retirement.  I'll teach some joint sessions for these 2 trainings.
  • Renewal Conference January 29 - February 3.  All our missionaries on home assignment, some of the appointees, some invited guests who are checking out WorldVenture, many of our office staff and our leadership community join together for 2 days of prayer and worship.  After the prayer summit there are three days of meetings, information exchange, and workshops.  Networking is a top priority throughout the week.
  • Home Assignment Debriefing February 6 - 15.  This is a "no kids" debriefing.  I will "emcee" a number of sessions and meet with people informally.
  • Trip to Central Europe February 22 - March 12.  I will attend the SHARE Family Education Conference in Sopron, Hungary where I'll work with the teens,  and then I'll spend time with WorldVenture families in Prague, Czech Republic. I will also use some of this time to plan a new summer project with a colleague.
It's a crazy two months ahead.  I'm looking forward to so much of it.  I'm also a little daunted.  I'm becoming more aware of my limitations as a human being.  I know this schedule doesn't leave a lot of room for rest and rejuvenation.  Please pray that I will fully recover from the bout of bronchitis I'm currently vanquishing--well, antibitoics, cough syrup and I are trying our best to get rid of it.  Pray that once it's gone I will stay healthy.  Pray that my interactions with so many different people in so many different venues will be encouraging and helpful. Pray for our planning to be practical and productive.  Pray that I find rest and refreshment along the way.

How Do You Make A Missionary Cry?

That's the riddle my boss posed to me a few weeks ago.  Ready for the answer? (Drum roll please!)  Give her a raise.  Yup.  That's it.  It's one of those good news, bad news deals.  The good news is I got a bit of a raise.  The bad news is I have to raise more support to cover the raise.  The good news is WorldVenture has recommitted to providing 25% of my support--including the raise.  The bad news is that doesn't quite cover everything.  The good news is I'm not vexed.  I'm in a much better support position than I was even a month ago.  Do you want some more good news?  There are some possibilities on the misty horizon for presenting this TCK ministry to more people.  Please pray for more ministry partners and for some good opportunities to present this ministry. 

Links You Might Want to Use

My blog.  My goal is to post every Monday and every Thursday.  I'm trying to focus on TCK related things on Mondays and faith related things on Thursdays.  Once in a while I go off script.  If you know me, you're not surprised by that.  Once in a while I post on other days, too--just because I can.  I LOVE it when people leave comments on the blog, so don't be shy. 

WorldVenture's site - specifically, the giving part.  You're smart.  You can figure out what to do when you get there.  There's a big remodel of the website coming soon.  So, if you get there and it doesn't look like you remembered, you're probably in the right place.  Find my name and you're definitely in the right place. 

Thank You!!!!

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for giving.  Thanks for praying.  Thanks for being part of my life and this ministry.  Just think!  You're involved in over 70 different areas of the world.  Your lives impact over 500 kids each year.  You've got a crucial role to play impacting time for eternity.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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