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To all ISAM members & Affiliates
Friday, April 22, 2022


For all those planning to attend ISAM2022 Valletta in person – please go to the link below to review entry requirement.
Although the countries listed here do not require a visa – they still have to fill out a Passenger Locator Form and your Vaccination Status will determine conditions.
Red Countries/Zones: 
Albania Czech Republic Jordan Russia
Andorra Denmark Kosovo Rwanda
Argentina​ Djibouti Kuwait Saint Kitts & Nevis​
Armenia Dominican Republic ​​ Latvia Saint Lucia
Australia Equatorial Guinea​​​​ Lebanon Sao Tome & Principe​
Austria Estonia Libya San Marino
Azerbaijan​​ Falkland Islands Liechtenstein Saudi Arabia
Bahamas Faroe Islands Lithuania Serbia
Bahrain Fiji Luxembourg Singapore
Barbados Finland Malaysia Slovakia
Belarus France Mauritania​ Slovenia
Belize​ Gabon Maldives​ South Africa
Belgium Georgia Moldova South Korea
Bermuda​ Germany Monaco Spain
Bhutan Gibraltar Morocco Sri Lanka
Bosnia & Herzegovina Greece Myanmar Sweden
Brunei​ Grenada Namibia Switzerland
Bulgaria Hungary Netherlands Thailand
Canada Iceland New Zealand Timor​
Cayman Islands​ Indonesia​ North Macedonia Trinidad & Tobago​
Chile​ India Norway​ Tunisia
Cape Verde​​​ Iran​ Oman Turkey
China (incl. Macau, Taiwan, & Hong Kong) Ireland
United Arab Emirates
Colombia Iraq​ Panama​ United Kingdom
Costa Rica​ Israel Poland Uruguay​
Croatia​ Italy Portugal United States
Cuba Jamaica Qatar Vanuatu​
Cyprus Japan Romania Vatican City
If your country is not on the list above – please go to the government link provided and get the information for an entry visa.  We recommend applying early so as not to be disappointed by a delay in processing.
Approved venues for future ISAM Annual Meetings
2023                 Marrakesh, Morocco
2024                 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2025                 Hamburg, Germany
2027                 Sydney, Australia
2028                 Lausanne, Switzerland (in process)
We are open to bids for hosting the ISAM 2026 annual meeting.  If you are interested please send an email to the ISAM Office:
We are excited to let you know about two educational events:

Please see poster here: International Webinar Series on Gambling_First event_25April2022_registration[26]

University of Gibraltar – Yale University
International Webinar Series on Gambling
The International Webinar Series on Gambling organised by the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming at the University of Gibraltar and the Center of Excellence in Gambling Research at Yale University School of Medicine will provide insight into various gambling-related topics and the opportunity to explore these topics in an international setting. Invited speakers from all over the world will present and discuss gambling-related issues, questions, and best practices, including gambling policies, safer gambling interventions, current research in gambling and many other gambling-related topics.
The webinar series is organised in conjunction with the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) and the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Addictions (ISSBA). The events of this series are open for the scientific community, representatives of the gambling industry, NGOs, treatment services and other professionals, and anyone interested in the field.
Gambling policies and regulations: Some examples
25th of April 2022 from 3.30 - 5.00 pm (CEST)
At this event, invited speakers will present gambling policies and regulations of Norway, the USA and Macau, thus covering examples from Europe, North America and Asia. Our speakers will discuss the similarities and differences of these policies and answer questions raised by members of the audience.

Programme of the event:
15:30      Introductions by the moderators

15:40      Prof.  Anise  M.S. Wu (Faculty Social Sciences, University of Macau, Macao S.A.R., China)
16:00      Prof.  Ståle Pallesen (Norwegian Competence Center for Gambling and Gaming Research,                      University of Bergen, Norway)
16:20       Prof Lia Nower (Center for Gambling Studies, Rutgers University, US)
16:40       Question & Answer session

The event will be moderated by
Prof.  Marc Potenza (Center of Excellence in Gambling Research at Yale University School of Medicine, US) and
Prof. Zsolt Demetrovics (Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming at the University of Gibraltar, Gibraltar) 

 Book your free space here:

3rd ISAM NExT and NECPAM joint webinar – April 28
Please send email to for free link to participate


Highlighting NAMS – the National Addictions Management Service of Singapore

An ISAM Affiliate Organization

 Our Affiliate Organization – NAMS recently held National Addictions Awareness Day
“National Addictions Awareness Day (NAAD) is an event aimed at raising public awareness about addictions-related issues in Singapore via talks, roadshows, and workshops. The latest iteration of the event, NAAD 2021, spanned August – December 2021, with the theme “Let’s Face It Together”. The event aims to heighten the awareness and dispel misconceptions of addictions, and to provide better and well-informed support for individuals facing addictions in their recovery journey. It included an opening event with clinical experts and recovery warriors, a 3-month long social media campaign that featured bite-sized educational videos on addictions, as well as a 4-part mini-series following a fictional journey of addiction and recovery that garnered more than 200,000 views on Facebook. In conjunction with this meaningful event, NAMS will also be launching their 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book titled Commemorating a Decade of Dedication. The publication chronicles NAMS’ journey to demystify addictions with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) under the support of the Ministry of Health (MOH), and its achievements in addiction treatment over the years. To cap off the event, a public forum focused on Internet Disorders was held on 16 December. The event, which was livestreamed on social media, also featured clinical experts and has drawn more than 400 views in total.”


Highlighting CSAM-SMCA – the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine/la Société m médicale canadienne sur l’addiction
An ISAM Affiliate Organization

The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine is a national society of addiction medicine practitioners committed to helping Canadians understand, accept, and recover from substance use disorders.
CSAM-SMCA works to educate the addiction medicine community, government leaders, and the public about the prevention, assessment, and treatment of substance use disorders in our communities. CSAM-SMCA is also involved in the process of establishing guidelines and standards.
CSAM-SMCA members form a strong, diverse community of Canadians who support and care for people with addictive disorders.
Visit the website for more information:
This year’s annual meeting will be held Nov 3-5, 2022 at the Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon, SK, Canada
The theme of this year’s conference is What’s Next: The Future of Addiction Medicine in Canada, and we welcome presentation proposals on this and all other aspects of addiction medicine.
The purpose of the conference is to showcase new scientific research and best practice principles in addiction medicine. We have designed sessions to encourage the sharing of diverse perspectives, and ideal sessions should be engaging and serve to build community within the field.
We invite you to submit a proposal. We especially look forward to submissions from people with lived and living experience of substance use and their families and friends (LLEAFF), and health care professionals. Our organization has granted full voting membership to all regulated health professionals. CSAM-SMCA membership is not required to present at the conference.

Submission deadline is May 20, 2022
Conferences coming up in May/June/July
Uniting the Global Community to Face the Challenge of Addiction
May 11-16, 2022
Abu Dhabi, UAE
EPA – 30th European Congress of Psychiatry
Virtual – registration open till May 17, 2022
June 4-7, 2022
Heroin Addiction and Related Problems
May 20-22, 2022
Pisa, Italy
From Research to Reality: Global Summit on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicine
May 27-29, 2022
Toronto, Canada
College of Problems of Drug Dependence – CPDD
June 11-16, 2022
Minneapolis, USA
World Association on Dual Disorders – WADD
Dual Disorders: A World of Knowledge and Experience
June 21-24, 2022
Mexico City, Mexico
International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous – IDAA
Living in the Solution: Family, Fellowship and Recovery
July 20-24, 2022
Dallas, Texas, USA
American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry – AAAP
July 29, 2022 – Aug 2, 2022
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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