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Staring Back At You

You can practice mindfulness, because there is forgetfulness...

But you cannot practice awareness, because there is only awareness, you pay attention to the present moment.  You try to "be here now."  But pure awareness is the present state of awareness before you try to do anything about it.  Trying to "be here now" requires a future moment in which you will then be mindful; but pure awareness is this moment before you try anything.  You are already aware; you are already enlightened...

It's like peering into the window of a department store and seeing a vague figure staring back at you.  You let the figure come into focus, and with a shock realize that it's your own reflection in the window.  The entire world, according to these traditions, is nothing but a reflection of your own Self, reflected in the mirror of your own awareness.  See?  You are already looking right at it.

- Ken Wilber


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