Week Ending 11-16-18

Close $0.68
Previous Close $0.66
Weekly High $0.7241
Weekly Low $0.64
Range $0.0841
Volume  5.49M (previous 17.68M)

Gain $0.02  (3.03%)

Weekly Trend-    Lower highs and higher lows

Welcome to our 85th consecutive report

Welcome back to another week of NAK stats. Considerably lower volume this week but we managed to end up on a higher note. Although we didn’t see near the highs as we did election week.

Holding strong   

Have a good week!
NAK Long

Since last week: 

  • Volume down, share price up
  • Institutional shares down
  • Short interest down


The Pebble Deposit 30 Years Later-

How a 28-year-old geologist made the biggest discovery of his career

It’s been 30 years since the first drilling began at the Pebble deposit in Bristol Bay. Pebble Watch interviewed Phil St. George, who is credited with discovering the significant copper, gold and molybdenum resource.
It was a cloudy day in 1987 when Cominco geologist Phil St. George – just six years out of college – first touched down at what would become one of the most well-known mineral prospects in Alaska. He’d been tasked with managing an exploration program looking for gold and copper in the Alaska Range, from Lake Clark to the Mount Hayes area further north. But the weather that day scuttled his initial plan to check out the Lake Clark quadrangle. The fog was in, along with low clouds that made flying there too risky...... continue reading on

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NAK Weekly
Institutional Info
-Investors: 74
shares-            28,977,570
Last week-       29,708,229

Short Interest
Shares  21,951,500
Last      22,132,200
52 week high  $2.34
52 week low   $0.43
Average Volume (3M) 884K
Average Volume (10D) 2.62M

RSI (14D) 1wk chart        53.08 (rising)
50 day moving average    $0.55
200 day moving average  $0.58
Float 262.59M
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Lifetime Stats
This  section represents the share price starting on the day of our first NAK report was published.

Close   $0.68

Start-    $1.27
High -   $2.50
Low      $0.43

Loss $0.59  (46.54%)
Good Luck Monday
Always- NAK Long
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