Week Ending 11-02-18

Close $0.4872
Previous Close $0.473
Weekly High $0.50
Weekly Low $0.43
Range $0.07
Volume  3.47M (previous 3.541M)

Gain $0.0142  (3%)

Weekly Trend-    Lower highs and  higher lows

Welcome to our 83rd consecutive report

Hello again, another uneventful week for Northern Dynasty Minerals and the Pebble Project. I have posted below the corporate presentation for October 2018 but can’t find a link to the recent summit replay...... if anybody has a link please send it.

Have a good week!
NAK Long

Since last week: 

  • Volume down, share price up
  • Institutional shares slightly up
  • Short remains unchanged

Corporate Presentation October 2018


Upcoming Events
No upcoming events scheduled 
NAK Weekly
Institutional Info
-Investors: 79
shares-             31,520,668
Last week-       31,515,688

Short Interest
Shares  22,123,200
Last      22,230,700
52 week high  $2.34
52 week low   $0.43
Average Volume (3M) 774K
Average Volume (10D) 645K

RSI (14D) 1wk chart        33.58 (falling)
50 day moving average    $0.5269
200 day moving average  $0.5912
Float 262.59M
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Lifetime Stats
This  section represents the share price starting on the day of our first NAK report was published.

Close   $0.4872

Start-    $1.27
High -   $2.50
Low      $0.43

Loss $0.7828  (61.63%)
Good Luck Monday
Always- NAK Long
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