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Busy Busy Busy

We have kept our developers well caffeinated and they have come up with some fantastic new features! So many in fact that we can't possibly go into all the details in this Newsletter so we'll hit the highlights. vers 1.5: New Features!

No more Search Here! RIP Search Here button. Now data will automagically appear as you pan and zoom the map. Zoom in to see more stations.

Profile Navigation: Traveling to an unfamiliar area? Want to discover the best stations in your area? Check the list of "relevant profiles" across the bottom of the page that updates as you pan and zoom.

New List View: We simplified the Obs & Forecasts list and made favoriting spots easier.

Gusts: We have added a new field to our popular model tables: Gusts! Available as a widget too!

New Widget: Maps!

You can now add a wind map to your website, blog, etc.!

We still need Beta Testers!- If you would like to help us test new features of the website, click here to join our beta testing team. Fun and Prizes!