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December 2013 Newsletter
Given how late Thanksgiving is this year this is a combination Thanksgiving, Chanukah and December newsletter – known as the Thanksgivukkah December Newsletter! We are all so richly richly blessed and have so much to be thankful for.  Even the seemingly ‘worst’ of our situations, for most of us, are better than the rest of the worlds. In this season, make sure your family, friends, colleagues, those that work for and with you know how much you appreciate them.
November has been quite a month for me.  If I wasn’t already aware of how blessed and grateful I am, this month drove it home.  Since my BIF9 story was released on November 4th,  the compliments and shoutouts have been a bit overwhelming:
There was a lot more as well – check out the blog to catch up on the great guest posts and make sure you sign up to stay connected.
To say I’m grateful, blessed, thankful is an understatement.  We live in a maze of grace (thank you Irwin Kula).  I’m overwhelmed by my family, friends, clients, colleagues, students and communities and pray that I am able to give back in expected, unexpected, poignant and meaningful ways that I may know and may never know.  Have a very blessed Thanksgiving – and rejoice in all that you have been given – in time, talent and treasure.  And thank you for being a part of my life.


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