No matter where you live, if you care about decreasing government and increasing freedom, Kentucky is your rallying point right now.
Moffett-Harmon 2011

A call to action 

Dear friend,

There are many reasons not to get involved in a good cause. We remain disengaged from great causes every day because there are so many worthy ones. But if you are an American who wants to save your country from debt, taxes and the insatiable desires of ruling class politicians, one cause stands out for its promise of a quick and substantial payback.


If you saw the recent Forbes article naming Kentucky the worst run state in America and you don't know much more about my home, it may be easy enough to turn away without another thought. Don't.

From a business perspective, you know that when everyone sees the value in an opportunity, much of that opportunity is gone. If you had the foresight to buy $1000 of Microsoft stock in 1985 when home computers were little more than glorified typewriters, you would now have $300,000 and more computing power in the palm of your hand than was considered possible twenty five years ago.

Kentucky represents a very similar investment for anyone who wants to see our nation get back on track toward ensuring hope of prosperity for future generations of Americans. Kentucky voters are ready for free market, Tea Party principles to take hold and free us from our government-induced stupor and War on Poverty rhetoric that has held Kentucky captive for four decades. We have the only Obama-supporting governor running for re-election anywhere in America in 2011 here in Kentucky. His defeat alone will have strong national implications going into 2012. Replacing him with a champion of free market job creation, smaller less intrusive government and state sovereignty to fight back for all of us against the federal government will be a national victory by itself.

But there's more.

When state politicians across the country want to distract attention from their failures, they can now point to states like Kentucky for evidence that their circumstances could always be worse. If we briefly band together to help Kentucky move in the right direction now, Kentucky could be held up as a beacon worthy of emulation for other struggling states and as validation for those in states battling efforts to move them backward.

Phil Moffett is Kentucky's tea party Republican candidate for Governor of Kentucky. He has come along at exactly the right time in exactly the right place to help further the ideals of the Tea Party movement. Join him in this fight and watch the flames of liberty burn brighter for all of us in the months and years ahead. Phil has a Republican primary on May 17 against a scandal-plagued career politician who has proven to be a huge fan of big government we can't afford while spending fifty percent more federal money in-state than Kentucky sends to Washington D.C.

Opposing what Phil Moffett is fighting against and supporting what he stands for are not difficult decisions. Making Phil's cause your cause by contributing what you can represents an outstanding investment in our nation's future. Please give generously and forward this email widely. Thank you.

In Liberty,

David Adams, campaign manager
Phil Moffett for Governor

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