Unplanned will be available for purchase on January 11
Dear Friends,
There’s a big story breaking concerning a new book from Ignatius Press.  I’m confident you’ll want to know about it and will want to spread the word to your friends.
Next week, former Planned Parenthood director and 2008 “employee of the year” Abby Johnson will expose what happens behind the closed doors of the abortion industry.  In her blockbuster, revealing new book, Unplanned, she explains how she went from directing an abortion facility to working for the prolife cause!
And not just any abortion facility but the place at which the first 40 Days for Life campaign was launched in 2004.
“Six 40 Days for Life campaigns were conducted outside her workplace,” reports 40 Days for Life Campaign Director Shawn Carney, “before Abby experienced a profound conversion during the Fall 2009 campaign ... and literally walked into my office with deep remorse to tell me she wanted out of the abortion business.”
Unplanned tells the whole amazing, life-changing story.
Of course, Planned Parenthood didn’t take Abby’s prolife conversion lightly.  They wanted to shut her up.  So they filed a lawsuit against her and against Shawn to keep them both quiet.
Planned Parenthood lost the case and now Abby is telling her insider’s story.  She reveals the shocking details about Planned Parenthood, and why she changed her mind and heart about abortion.
Next Tuesday, January 11, Ignatius Press is launching the book, in cooperation with our co-publishing friends at Tyndale House and Focus on the Family.  We have a special Ignatius Press edition, which features an exclusive note from Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, Ignatius Press’ Founder and Editor, as well as a foreword from Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, and an introduction by 40 Days for Life National Director, David Bereit.
You can preorder the special Ignatius Press edition of Unplanned here.  For a limited time, Unplanned is available at Ignatius Press’ website at 35% off, the best price available on the web! For bulk orders, email webhelp@ignatius.com
Our friends at 40 Days for Life are hosting a live webcast with Abby, on the night before the book is released—on Monday, January 10, at 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific).  This will be a sneak preview of Unplanned’s “no-holds-barred revelations” about the abortion business and its victims.

Ignatius Press readers are invited to join the webcast.  You can register for FREE at: http://www.UnplannedWebcast.com.
The 40 Days for Life folks tell us that during the webcast, you will discover ...
  • What initially attracted Abby to volunteer and then work for Planned Parenthood -- America's largest abortion chain -- even after being raised in a faithful Christian home
  • The hidden personal secret that Abby had kept buried for years
  • The shocking discovery that suddenly caused Abby to question everything Planned Parenthood had told her over eight years
  • Planned Parenthood's confidential plans to expand its biggest money-maker -- abortion -- all across America
  • The abortion industry's furious reaction when Abby decided to quit her job and join local and national pro-life efforts
  • What Abby's court battle brought to light about Planned Parenthood's REAL agenda
  • The single most effective way to reduce Planned Parenthood's abortion business and change the hearts and minds of clinic workers

Don’t miss this one-time-only online event!  We’re told that space is limited so register to attend NOW.  Go to http://www.UnplannedWebcast.com.  A FREE chapter of Unplanned is available for download when you register.

Sincerely yours in the Lord of Life,
Mark Brumley
Ignatius Press
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