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G.K. Chesterton was a prolific writer. The author of many novels, as well as thousands of poems, there were numerous subjects he wrote about. He touched on everything from religion to history to politics. Due to the varying subjects that he wrote about, and the way he approached each subject,  Chesterton is known as one of the most stimulating and well-loved writers of the 20th century. To honor this beloved writer on his birthday, May 29, Ignatius Press is offering 20% off select titles by and about him.


The Innocence of Fr. Brown
A Novel by G.K. Chesterton
Read by Kevin O'Brien

One of the most memorable sleuths in the canon of detective fiction has to be Father Brown, the small priest with “a face as round and dull as a Norfolk dumpling”, but who nevertheless outwits the greatest criminal minds with his wisdom regarding human nature. Brought to life here by actor Kevin O’Brien in a series of dramatic readings, this unabridged audio book of The Innocence of Father Brown also features an introduction and conclusion to each chapter by Dale Ahlquist, president of the American Chesterton Society and host of EWTN’s immensely popular television series, G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense. Also available as an audio download.


A Novel by G.K. Chesterton
Read by Kevin O'Brien

This classic novel by Chesterton tells the rollicking tale of Innocent Smith, a man who may be crazy—or he may be the most sane man of all. Arriving at a London boarding house accompanied by a windstorm, Innocent is soon accused of attempted murder, burglary, polygamy, and desertion of his wife. As the residents of Beacon House try to piece together what this madman is up to, a detective is called upon to unravel the accusations against Smith. Actor Kevin O’Brien of the Theater of the Word gives a dramatic reading of the text. Also available in paperback.



Read by Dale Ahlquist
It’s been 100 years since this dazzling work was first published. Written in 1908 when G.K. Chesterton was only thirty-four years old, Orthodoxy tells, in his inimitable soaring prose, of his earth-shaking discovery that orthodoxy is the only satisfactory answer to the perplexing riddle of the universe. C.S. Lewis and many other emerging Christian thinkers have found this book a pivotal step in their adoption of a credible Christian faith. Orthodoxy is perhaps the most outstanding example of the originality of Chesterton’s style and the brilliance of his thought. In this audio book, Dale Ahlquist, the popular host of EWTN’s G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense, provides an introduction as well as a rousing reading of the text. Don’t miss this chance to absorb the genius that is Chesterton! Also available in paperback.



The Everlasting Man
Read by Dale Ahlquist
Considered by many to be Chesterton’s greatest masterpiece of all his writings, this is his whole view of world history as informed by the Incarnation. Beginning with the origin of man and the various religious attitudes throughout history, Chesterton shows how the fulfillment of all of man’s desires takes place in the person of Christ and in Christ’s Church. Also available in paperback.



G.K. Chesterton: The Autobiography
G. K. Chesterton
Here is a special two-in-one book that is both by G.K. Chesterton and about Chesterton. This volume offers an irresistible opportunity to see who this remarkable man really was. Chesterton was one of the most stimulating and well-loved writers of the 20th century. His 100 books, and hundreds of essays and columns on a great variety of themes have made Chesterton the most widely quoted writers of modern times.


The Man Who was Thursday
with Annotations by Martin Gardner
G. K. Chesterton

This edition of Chesterton's masterpiece and most famous novel, The Man Who Was Thursday, explicates and enriches the complete text with extensive footnotes, together with an introductory essay on the metaphysical meaning of Chesterton's profound allegory. Also available as an audio download.



Common Sense 101
Lessons from Chesterton
Dale Ahlquist

Dale Ahlquist, the President of the American Chesterton Society, and author of G. K. Chesterton -The Apostle of Common Sense, presents a book of wonderful insights on how to "look at the whole world through the eyes of Chesterton". Since, as he says, "Chesterton wrote about everything", there is an ocean of his material to benefit from GKC's insights on a kaleidoscope of many important topics. Also available as an e-book.

The Apostle of Common Sense

Dale Ahlquist
This book is the perfect introduction to Chesterton. Ahlquist is an able guide who takes the reader through twelve of Chesterton’s most important books as well as the famous Father Brown stories. Also available as an e-book.


The Catholic Church and Conversion
G. K. Chesterton
In this book, Chesterton's brilliance as a writer and thinker again shine through as he explains his understanding of Catholicism and the Catholic Church and how its appeal to reason and truth eventually won him over.


The Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton, Vol. 10C
Collected Poetry, Part III
Throughout his life, G.K. Chesterton penned nearly a thousand poems that described his reaction to people and events. This volume contains the third part of the great man’s collected poems. We are pleased and honored that two of the leading Chestertonians, Mr. Aidan Mackey and Dr. Denis J. Conlon, have collaborated in the assembling of these volumes to which they have contributed many previously uncollected poems. Also available in hardcover.


The Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton, Vol. 36
The Illustrated London News, 1932-1934
This volume contains all of G.K. Chesterton's columns in The Illustrated London News from 1932 to 1934. The breadth and depth of his knowledge - from history to politics to English fads and conventions - never fail to impress, and his wit is as refreshing as when these pieces were first written. Also available in hardcover.

St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi
G. K. Chesterton
Here, together in a single volume, are the two biographies that many critics consider both Chesterton's best, and the best short portraits ever written of these two great saints. St. Francis of Assisi is a profoundly Catholic work, explaining and illuminating the life of St. Francis in a way no other biography has. St. Thomas Aquinas is enriched by the author’s unique ability to see the world through the saint’s eyes, a fresh and animated view that shows us Aquinas as no other biography has.

The Well and the Shallows

G. K. Chesterton
One of Chesterton's last books, this book is considered by Chesterton critics and fans as one of his finest collections of essays on a variety of cultural, social and moral issues that seem even more urgent today. His trademark wit and perceptive analysis of the absurdities and excesses of modern life are here, but with a more serious tone than usual.


G.K. Chesterton
Commentary by Dale Ahlquist

Hilaire Belloc called “Lepanto” Chesterton’s greatest poem and the greatest poem of his generation. But not only have English classes neglected this masterpiece of rhyme and meter, History classes have neglected the story of the pivotal battle upon which the poem is based. Also available as an ebook or audio download.

Father Brown of the Church of Rome
Selected Mystery Stories
G. K. Chesterton

This is a unique collection of ten of Chesterton's famous Father Brown stories which puts special emphasis on the role that Brown's Catholic faith played in helping him solve the murder mysteries.

The Ballad of the White Horse
G. K. Chesterton
The Ballad of the White Horse is one of the last great epic poems in the English language. On the one had it describes King Alfred’s battle against the Danes in 878. On the other hand it is a timeless allegory about the ongoing battle between Christianity and the forces of nihilistic heathenism. Filled with colorful characters, thrilling battles and mystical visions, it is as lively as it is profound.

What's Wrong with the World
G. K. Chesterton
Chesterton gives his remarkably perceptive analysis on social and moral issues more relevant today than even in his own time. In his light and humorous style, yet deadly serious and philosophical, he comments on feminism and true womanhood, errors in edication, the importance of the child and other issues, using incisive arguments against the trendsetters' assaults against the family. Also available as an e-book.


Wisdom and Innocence
A Biography of G.K. Chesterton
Joseph Pearce

Through years of meticulous research and access to the literary estate of G.K. Chesterton, Joseph Pearce presents a major biography of a 20th century literary giant, providing a great deal of important information on GKC never before published.


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