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  OCTOBER 2011

Wonderful women,

Wow I can't believe we are already in October! Time really does seem to be speeding up...

We are approaching the end of the 9th wave of the Mayan calendar on 28 October.  (See the writings of Carl Calleman to learn more about this date.) This means the era of "Unity Consciousness" is about to kick off, where we will be able to birth our visions in full collaboration with each other and with the flow of the universe.

In the final days leading up to this shift, we have the opportunity to clear everything that is in the way. Everything that is stuck and old. Everything that is no longer serving us,

What is there for you to clear in this powerful month?

This month of Octbober is the perfect time for you to clear all those limiting beliefs that are holding you back. To clear  away those last remaining blocks that are interfering with you manifesting your visions.

Here are some steps to help you use this powerful 9th Wave energy to clear away what needs to be cleared to make room for the next phase:

(1) Sit and meditate on what is the main block you need to clear, the one that is the key to unlocking your future.

(2) Set an intention that by 28 October this block will be cleared.

(3) Don't worry about "how" that will happen. Just pay attention to what shows up in the next few weeks. Something or someone will come into your space to help dissolve this block away...

Here's an example of those steps in action in my life:  I realised recently that I still had some limiting beliefs about my body coming out of the many years of chronic pain and fatigue that I suffered in my twenties.  I decided I was going to shift those beliefs by 28 October. And then only a few days ago a course in London showed up that will help me do exactly that! I am flying there next week to do it. Hurrah!

I highly encourage you too to harness the power of this month of October to clear away your biggest blocks so that as we enter this next phase of human consciousness you will be able to bring all your deepest visions to life.

I can't wait to hear how that unfolds for you! Make sure to post your revelations and manifestations in our Women's Vision Circle Facebook Group HERE

A Free Gift For You!

I'm excited to offer you a delicious gift as part of this October Newsletter...

It's a FREE E-BOOK called "Whole Woman!",
put together by the Spirited Women's Network.

This free e-book is a collection of wisdom from  17 extraordinary visionary women from around the world, covering topics such as:

- Reconnecting with your inner child
- Living Sacredness
- Children as Our Teachers
- Inspiring a Life of Purpose
- Stress Strategies From an Authentic Place
- Intuition is Your Birthright
- How to Fire Your Inner Critic
- Create Your Dream Sanctuary
- Conscious Love and Female Sexuality

And I was very honoured to contribute an article myself! It's called "How To Live In Your Body... With Full Awareness." It's pretty powerful stuff!

The e-Book is totally free and is filled with life-changing nuggets of wisdom. It's a pure gift from the heart of Natalie Hennessey, a beautiful visionary woman who started the Spirited Women's Network.

I was thrilled to be a part of it, and I'm delighted to be able to offer it to you as my October Gift!

To Download your free "Whole Woman" e-book:

Connecting With The Mainstream

As most of you know, I'm always working on many inspiring visionary projects all over the world. I've always been such a dreamer and I just love to play and create. But I've never really turned my hand to anything that's truly practical or commercial.

I decided recently that it was time to create something
simple and powerful that would make a practical difference in the world and would reach many mainstream people.

So I drew on alll my knowledge as a body master and teacher of movement awareness, and I created a life-saving product for people suffering from pain while working at their computer. And I've made the product only $9.97, so people all around the world will be able to afford it!

It's really exciting to be connecting with the mainstream like this, and helping people all over the world.

Of course, I'm still doing all my other wild juicy visionary projects... but I feel much more balanced now that this simple practical tool is out there too :-)

So do pass this on to anyone you know who suffers from


With this simple product, they will be able to get relief in under 5 minutes... without even leaving their desk!

To find out more,

More Chats With Visionary Women

Since I last wrote to you, I've been having some wonderful conversations with some truly AMAZING women from around the world on my radio show "TahneeTalk!".

I've been having juicy weekly "cyber-chats" with Spcial Guests such as Soul Stylist Athina Geordin, sacred feminine goddess Natalie Hennessey, intuitive healer Gabriella Armondo, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality trainer Martina Hughes, conscious relationship coach Marian Meade, Creative Possiblity Coach Shannon Bush, and high frequency Fractologist Estelle Cainey ... Not to mention all the amazing men I've been interviewing too!

The style of "TahneeTalk!" is very casual, kind of like hanging out chatting with dear friends on my "cyber couch". There's no script or plan, so anything can happen!  It's a space for my guests and I to share our hearts, our lives, our learnings and our epiphanies. The feedback I've been receiving has been really powerful, with people around the world having huge "A-ha" moments each week.

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the show yet, check it out! You can listen to past episodes by subscribing to the show's iTunes podcast
HERE, or you can listen to them on our website right HERE.

I hope you've enjoyed the ideas and feelings shared in this Newsletter. We are so lucky to have each other to turn to for wisdom and support!

In that spirit, on the right hand side of this Newsletter you'll see some
juicy offers I'm making.

Make sure to take up the ones that resonate with you!

The key in all great decision making is to follow your heart


Please forward this Newsletter on to all the amazing women you know, so we can support them too in the birthing of their visions.

If they would like to sign up for this Newsletter, they can do so HERE.


Love and hugs,
Tahnee Woolf xx

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PS: Stay tuned for

I'll be holding it
from Hawaii!

I'll let you know 
the details soon :-) 


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