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"Mercurius": Latin for Mercury (Hermes); considered the god of tradesmen and thieves; a common masthead for a 17th century newspaper
"Istoria": Greek for history

Greetings, 17th century enthusiast

The theme of this month's newsletter is 'words matter'.17th century England was a time of great progress in literacy, social reform and science. The growing pains were great, but it did usher in the modern era. I hope you enjoy these articles. 

Note: The previous March newsletter had a faulty link and has now been corrected. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Curating 17th century articles...

Little Hannah left her grammar book behind. The sole surviving copy of a 17th century schoolbook was recently acquired by the British Library. The grounds of learning; or, The readiest way of al others, to the true spelling, true reading, and true-writing of English, was written by a Richard Hodges, a Southwark schoolmaster, around 1650. Very interesting to note that this textbook was owned by a little girl. Click here to read more.

And speaking of the rise of literacy: The 17th century is known for it's explosion in diary writing. You've heard of Samuel Pepys but how about Roger Lowe or Sir John Reresby? Click here to read more.

If Social Media had existed in the 17th century: A clever little post on what the leaders of the English Civil War may have tweeted about. Click here to be amused. 

A 17th Century Tableau

Seventeenth Century Print Culture. This is a podcast from BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time. Host Melvyn Bragg and guests Kevin Sharpe (Professor of Renaissance studies), Ann Hughes (Professor of Early Modern History), and Joad Raymond (Professor of English Literature) discuss how print affected social change and its role in the English Civil War.

To download the podcast, click here

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