Three month home assignment

Three weeks from today, we'll be traveling back to the US!

It's hard to believe it's been three years since our last furlough. But then we think about all that's happened since then...

During these years, the Lord has done many beautiful things in our lives. We're so humbled to be used by Him to strengthen the church in Malawi! 

We absolutely love being on the front lines, where the action is. But we never forget we're here because of the faithful support of all of you on the homefront. We think of you often and thank the Lord for our partnership for the gospel!

During these next three months, we are eager to connect with you if we can! We'd love the opportunity to tell you some of the amazing things the Lord is doing in Africa, to express our gratitude for your prayers, support, and love, and to learn what's happening in your lives.
Floreen Family Photo


So many states, so little time.

Earlier this year, we mapped out the location of all the people and churches we wanted to see. It proved two things: first, we're cartography nerds; and second, you all move around a lot!
Due to the impracticalities of supersonic transport, we had to narrow this down a bit.

We toyed with some crazy ideas, including round-the-world tickets and a groovy 1977 VW camper van from craigslist, but eventually we had to focus our efforts. Our apologies to the whole string of dear folks all spaced out six hours apart from D.C. to Atlanta. And to the Alaska contingent: we really tried, but we'll have to catch you on Skype.

The cement is still drying, but here's the general plan:
  • Sun Valley, CA - Off and on from Sept 2 – Dec 2
  • Wichita, KS - Sept 29-30
  • Kansas City, KS - TBD
  • Girard, KS - Oct 5-8
  • Carthage, MO - Oct 13-14
  • Denver & Colorado Springs, CO - TBD
  • Felton, CA - Nov 3-4
  • Lynden, WA - Nov 9-12
  • Camarillo, CA - Nov 18
  • Ventura, CA - Nov 25
If you're in, near, or on the way to one of those places, let's get together! (Extra credit if you live between Denver and Wichita. The only thing on our map so far is the world's largest ball of string...)


Malawi Market and Mailing Addresses

One more thing to stay tuned for: we had such a great response to our rendition of a Malawi Market at Grace Church last furlough, we're doing it again. It's been a fun way for us to bring some flavors of Africa to the San Fernando Valley. 

We could use some help too, so if you love brightly colored fabrics or bartering (especially bartering), let us know! We'll confirm the date shortly.
Elliot "selling" Malawian curios
Finally, we treasure your prayers, and would love to send you an updated prayer card to help you continue to do so. If you've moved in the last couple of years, could you send us your new address?
Floreen Family in the Vipya Forest Reserve
We're looking forward to seeing many of you in the months ahead, and encouraging one another in the Lord! 

Matt & Rachel
Abigail & Naomi

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