Visit our church Christmas parties...

Christmas in Malawi means hot, muggy weather as everyone anticipates the rainy season. (We're dreaming of a wet Christmas.)

Rachel and I just celebrated the IBF Church Christmas parties at our home. We've hosted these for 6 years now with the goal of encouraging Christian fellowship among our diverse church family. We've seen more people coming every year… last week over 100 people attended between the two nights. Some folks even adjusted their travel plans to attend!

A whole pile of kids

One of our Christmas party mainstays is the photo booth where people can take their own photos with family and friends. (Above: Part of the younger crowd from Tuesday night. Can you find Abigail?) We enjoy seeing our church body practice love for one another as we share food, play games, sing, and reflect on our Savior's incarnation. 

We thank God for your faithful partnership with us! Because of your continued love, prayer, and support, we are able to minister God's Word to so many here in Malawi. We're eager to share some of their stories with you in 2015. 

In this the love of God was made manifest among us,
that God sent his only Son into the world,
so that we might live through him.
–1 John 4:9

May the joys of life in the Son be yours this Christmas season,
Matt & Rachel,
Abigail & Naomi
P.S. Thanks to everyone who sent us a Christmas card! (If you weren't sure how to mail it to Africa, we'd still love to get a digital copy!)

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