(in fact, we leave today)

By the time you read this, we're probably partway through the 30+ hour journey from Lilongwe to Los Angeles.

Why are we making this trip? Because there's some great stuff happening in Malawi, and we're eager to tell you all about it.

Honestly, there are certain things a newsletter like this just can't do:
  • It can't communicate the personal stories we just can't post online.
  • It certainly can't capture our wonder at all God is doing in Malawi. 
  • It doesn't give us the chance to hear what's happening with you.
The best way to do those things is face-to-face. So we're going to travel back to the USA for a few months to connect with as many people as we can. What this newsletter can do is fill you in on our plans.

Abi at LHR

Eight Great States: 

Our last few trips to the US, Matt has been busy with homework and classes for his Master's in Biblical Counseling. He'll finish his last two classes after returning to Malawi, which means we finally have time to travel to the parts of the country we've skipped for a while.

Below are the churches we've confirmed to visit so far. Many have partnered with us for years:
  • Grace Community Church - Sun Valley, CA - Several dates
  • Harvest Bible Chapel of Ventura - CA - Aug 23
  • Pleasant Valley Bible Church - Camarillo, CA - Aug 30
  • Trinity Bible Church - Felton, CA - Sept 6
  • Grace Baptist Fellowship - Lynden, WA - Sep 13
  • Placerita Baptist Church - Santa Clarita, CA - TBD
  • Faith Bible Church - Ladera Ranch, CA - Oct 2-4
  • The Bible Church of Little Rock - AR - Oct 11
  • Girard Bible Church - Girard, KS - Oct 18 (AM)
  • Mission Road Bible Church - Prairie Village, KS - Oct 18 (PM)
  • Canyon Bible Church - Prescott, AZ - Nov 8
If you're part of one of these churches, we look forward to seeing you!

Do You Live Somewhere Else?

Yes, we realize there are more than eight states. We seriously tried to figure out how to fit in trips to other great states like Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, and Canada, but there simply wasn't enough time. 

But here's the deal. If we're not going to make it to your neighborhood but you still want to catch up, we'd love to give you a call on Skype or FaceTime while we're in the land of good internet. Just shoot us an email so we can set up a time.

How Can You Help?

  • Pray that the Lord uses our family to bless many while we're in the United States.
  • Consider financially partnering with us. We need to cover a gap of about $800/mo. Every little bit helps. Some people have been faithfully giving $3/mo! If you want to support our ministry in Malawi, the easiest way to do that is here.
  • Find a place for the four of us to stay in Kansas City.
  • Help us bring Malawi to Sun Valley! We're planning a couple fun events to express our thanks to our supporters, but will need some friends to help us pull those off.
  • Pray for our church here in Malawi, especially for many people to fill in service roles while we're away.
The Floreens: Missionaries in Malawi


What's it like to be a missionary in Africa?

We recently made a short video to answer that question. Our friend Ben, who visited Malawi a few years ago, is now a pastor in Michigan. Their church was having an Africa-themed Vacation Bible School, and they asked if we could make a 5 minute video to give the kids from their community a glimpse of life and ministry in Africa.

We liked how it turned out, so wanted to share it with you!