Join us in these praises and prayers!

Our life is very "in-between" right now.
I'm writing this from a house full of echoes and cardboard, listening to the sounds of the moving guys packing dishes and bunk beds. The stuff we haven't sold or given away will be packed into a container waiting for a destination address. I'm online using my phone because I already sold the wifi router. In a few minutes, I'll need to take a break to show our car to a potential buyer.

This God–his way is perfect; 
the word of the Lord proves true...
Yesterday IBF Church said goodbye to us. We've sent out so many beloved families over the years, and now we're on the other side of it. It was a sweet time of laughter and tears, memories and cake. It may be our last Sunday here...or it may not be.

...he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him... 
A huge praise: a week and a half ago, I received my South African visa! A huge prayer request: since then, the embassy has continually rejected our application for Rachel and the girls' visas. Although we've provided plenty of evidence of the legal basis for homeschooling in South Africa, the visa supervisor here in Lilongwe still isn't satisfied. Plus, though they originally told us it was okay that Abi's passport expires next year, last week they told us we needed to renew it.

For who is God, but the Lord?
Right now we have one-way tickets to South Africa for Friday. There's so much that could happen between now and then! If we get Abi's new passport back in half the estimated time, and the High Commission agrees to give us the visa within a day, we could actually still be on that flight Friday. If progress is a bit slower, we might stay in Malawi for an extra week or two. Or if things stop altogether, we might need to restart the whole process with the South African Embassy in Los Angeles.

And who is a rock, except our God?
—Psalm 18:30-31

Which country will we be in next week? We don't know. Where will our books and beds be next month? No idea. How long will we live out of these suitcases? We can't say. 

But when everything else is uncertain, we see the steadfast love of the Lord all the more clearly. If the Lord chooses, we could have our visas today. But during this season of waiting and wondering, we find our stability and security in him. And we thank God for many opportunities to encourage others in their faith during these days. 
May our faith grow as vigorously as Abi's tree!
Please do join us in praying for passports, visas, wisdom, and patience. But also, pray that our confidence in God's faithfulness would be forever strengthened because of these days.

Much love,

Matt & Rachel
Abi & Omi
At the South African High Commission. We've visited so many times the girls have made up a song about it!

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