Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to invite your feedback on the consultation draft of R4D’s Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment report, “Pooled Funds: Assessing new models for global health R&D financing".

In this draft report, we examine the three leading pooled funding proposals:  the Industry R&D Facilitation Fund (IRFF), the Fund for Research in Neglected Diseases (FRIND), and the Product Development Partnership Financing Facility (PDP-FF).   Our analysis centers on two principal questions:   can a pooled fund help improve funding flows to global health R&D projects and can it bring new funders to the table? 

As with all of our draft assessments, the Center values the insights and critiques of all members of the policy community.  This consultation draft of the pooled funding assessment will be available for public comment until December 15, 2010.

In addition, our draft assessment, Prizes for Global Health Technologies, has generated important insights and debate.  As such, we have extended the public comment period until Friday, December 3rd for this paper.  Please consider adding your thoughts to the discussion.

Your feedback is critical to our assessment process, and we invite you to post your thoughts to this website. You are also welcome to send a more detailed response to the authors at
Best regards,
Rob Hecht
Results for Development Institute (R4D)
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