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Waste Reduction News

Welcome to our August 2016 Newsletter

ICYMI: Additional Plastics, Caps, Cartons Added to CVWMA Recycling Program

With the advancements of technology and new markets - additional plastic bottles and containers with the number 1-7 on the bottom, plastics lids and caps (free of food residue and put back on bottle/carton), and waxy coated food and beverage cartons are now recyclable through CVWMA's residential (curbside) and drop-off recycling programs in the region. The bottles and cartons need to be empty, rinsed, and cap placed back on to be recycled. Styrofoam, plastics bags, and food contaminated pizza boxes are not recyclable. The Authority is working on new drop-off decal signage for containers as well as other educational materials that showcase these exciting changes. Click here for more information.

CVWMA staff provide free recycling education outreach programs, click here to request a speaker.

Pick a Day to Fight the Bite

Mosquitos are annoying and can also be carriers of disease, like the Zika virus. Standing water containers such as birdbaths, pots, and toys are breeding sources for mosquitos, such as the Asian Tiger mosquito.  Henrico County has launched a Zika Virus website as well as its Pick a Day to Fight the Bite  checklist. Anyone living in the county or CVWMA service area is encouraged to visit the county's website  or the VA Department of Health  website to find out how to help your neighborhood become a mosquito smart community. The best mosquito prevention methods start with you.

CVWMA Program Highlights

CVWMA is pleased to share some program highlights with you that include:
  • Residential Recycling  (Curbside) - over 38,000 tons of recyclables have been diverted from local landfills this past fiscal year (FY) through this program. The City of Richmond's residential recycling tonnage went from 6,955 tons collected in FY2015 to 10,371 tons collected if FY2016. This increase of over 3,400 tons is attributed to the rollout of 95 gallon recycling carts citywide around this time last year. Kudos to city leaders for their lofty sustainability goals and achievements.
  • Drop-off Recycling - over 7,000 tons of recyclables have been recycled through  32 drop-off collection sites in our service area.
  • Electronics Recycling - over 540,000 pounds of unwanted electronic waste was recycled at either a special collection event or permanent collection site trailers. Over 5 million pounds of e-waste has been recycled through this program since 2006.
Thank you for disposing of waste properly so that items can be recycled instead of landfilled.

Save the Date. Volunteers Needed.
James River Regional Cleanup

The James River Advisory Council is hosting its 17th James River Regional Cleanup  on Saturday, September 10 from 9 am - 1 pm. Volunteers are needed at multiple cleanup sites throughout the region. Click here for more information. Hundreds of volunteers make this annual river cleanup a success.

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