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Waste Reduction News

Welcome to our March 2016 Newsletter

Recycling and Litter Prevention

Help us prevent wind-blown litter and keep your neighborhood clean! Check out these tips for securing bins on windy days.
  • If your container is not a cart with a lid, place heavier items on top (like glass bottles and jars) or bagged newspapers to keep lighter plastics and mixed paper from blowing.
  • In case of severe wind gusts, avoid putting open bins/personal containers out if they are less than half full and you do not have heavy items to place on top of lighter ones.
If you would like to volunteer to pick up litter or "adopt" an area, please visit our Litter Prevention webpage to find out more information on how you can help prevent litter where you live.

Upcoming Electronics Recycling Collections

Several CVWMA member localities will be hosting special collection events in April and May. Please visit our Event Calendar as some of these events include additional recycling opportunities. There is a $10 fee for CRTs- $10 for each television and $10 for each monitor. CRTs require special handling due to the leaded glass and mercury they contain. Cash or check accepted for fee payment.

Stormwater : What's in your run-off?

Have you ever watched the rainwater running off your driveway or down your street? Do you know where that water is going? Pollution from stormwater runoff is the #1 health threat to our waterways. Every time it rains, pollution washes off your property and starts its journey through the watershed to the James River.

Click here for resources on what you can do to use water wisely and reduce stormwater pollutants.

CVWMA Offers Recycling Education Opportunities

CVWMA wants to help you recycle and learn why it is important. CVWMA staff provides free recycling education programs to preschools, daycares, child development centers, schools, scouts, clubs, libraries, and other groups that live within our 13 member localities year round. In addition, staff created an Educational Resource page,  Teacher Resources page ,as well as, educational resources on our Pinterest page.

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