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Association of Environmental Professionals -
Advanced CEQA Workshops
February 3-13, 2014

Registration is now open for the Association of Environmental Professional’s Spring Advanced CEQA Workshops. This full-day workshop is designed to help consultants, regulators, applicants, and industry professionals stay current on legal trends, and “hot topics” affecting the application of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Guidelines. The curriculum provides advanced-level information and includes the following topics: (1) Legislative Update: SB 743, (2) CEQA: A Case Law Update, (3) Negative Declarations (NDs)/Mitigated NDs, (4) Baseline, and (5) Mitigation Measures and Deferral. The workshop flyer details the program outline and registration costs. Online registration for the workshops is available now.
For your convenience, this informative full day workshop is being offered at locations throughout the state including:
  • February 3 – Riverside
  • February 4 – San Luis Obispo
  • February 5 – Irvine
  • February 6 – Fresno, Santa Barbara, Oakland, West Sacramento
  • February 7 – Eureka, Rohnert Park, San Jose
  • February 12 – Los Angeles
  • Feburary 13 – San Diego
The workshop instructor team consists of environmental practitioners and attorneys with career experience in CEQA. If you would like to see your friends from Ascent, we are speaking at the following locations: West Sacramento and San Jose (Gary Jakobs), Oakland and Rohnert Park (Curtis Alling), Fresno (Sydney Coatsworth), and Eureka (Chris Mundhenk).
Please go to and click on the CEQA Workshop link to register.

AICP-CM credits will be available and CLE credits are pending.
If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Lynne Bynder, AEP Executive Director at

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