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Three Instructional Shows on
the Nuts-and-Bolts of CEQA

Determining Significance, Alternatives, and Supplemental Reviews

At the recent joint conference of California’s Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) and the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) in Los Angeles, Ascent principals conducted instructional sessions that are part of the conference’s “CEQA Practicum” series.  The CEQA Practicum series is in its third year; it is intended to provide nuts-and-bolts information about the practice of CEQA compliance that session attendees can bring back and use their next day at work.  At this year’s conference, three sessions were held dealing with CEQA topics where substantial gray areas exist that demand careful judgment: Determining Significance in CEQA, Alternatives Analysis and Project Objectives, and Supplemental CEQA Reviews.
Attendees to the conference requested the PowerPoint shows from the three sessions.  We thought they may also be helpful to others who are involved in CEQA compliance, so we are making the shows available to members of the Ascent Share contact list.  The PDF versions of the three instructional shows can be downloaded from this email.
  •  Determining Significance
  • Supplemental Environmental Review
  • Project Objectives, Alternatives, Analysis, and CEQA Findings

If you have any questions about the shows, please feel free to contact the Ascent principals who instructed each session:  Determining Significance (Sydney Coatsworth, Amanda Olekszulin, Honey Walters);  Supplemental Reviews (Curtis Alling, Gary Jakobs); and Alternatives Analysis (Curtis Alling, Amanda Olekszulin);


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