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I won another award for event promotion, this time from the Second Dancers' Intensive here in Atlanta. My first award was Best Event from Zaghareet Magazine in 2007. Both are people's choice awards. Thanks so much for everyone's support, there are so many other well run events each year so to be singled out really means a whole lot to me. I guess I am on the right path and this recognition makes it easier to spend the long hours behind the computer in order to make an event run well. 

Interested in participating in BOTH of my award winning events?? You can get a 15% discount if you register for both Crossroads & Origins and TribalCon! 
I realize opening up TribalCon registration so early this year has put many Crossroads & Origins attendees in a pickle since they had to jump on the Early Bird registration for TC in order to not miss out on the discount. I do apologize and do realize in this economy that many times there is an either/or choice you have to make. I am giving anyone that registers for both Crossroads & Origins and TribalCon 10 a 15% discount on the combined cost of both events. This still counts if you have already registered for one of them. To get the combined discount send Laura an email with the full details of what you have or haven't already registered for and we will send you an invoice that will complete your registration for both events. Her address is 

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Ouled Nayl

Ouled Nayl
All Tribal Belly Dancers have been intrigued by these ornate images of the Ouled Nayl but we know little about them. We are not the only ones that have been captured by their beauty. "Algerian dancers of the Ouled Nayl tribe fascinated and inspired the West for more than a century. They became worldwide known through many Western accounts written by writers such as Andre Gide, Maupassant, etc…, paintings ,such as Clarins, Fromentin, Dinet and a huge number of Colonial postcards." Amel Tafsout will give us a glimpse into their world in her fascinating workshop. 

Turkish Gypsy

Romany Girl
Images like the one above have driven many women to seek a bellydance class. Why do we associate that image with bellydance? In Artemis Mourat's workshops and lectures we will be shown the path between the Turkish Romany people and what we call bellydance today.


Muse for Life-Sandy Springs


We are filling up, secure your spot by registering now! The limit will be 35 people exactly. You can only purchase the whole weekend, no day passes and no single workshops. This is an immersion experience. 


Information about purchasing catered meals will be available in a few days, I will send a special note when you can purchase them online. 

Our workshop venue:

Muse for Life

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