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February 2022
Elkins Public Schools recently celebrated their 100th Day of classes. The 100th Day Celebration is an opportunity for students to acknowledge their growth, achievement, and progress since the beginning of the year. 

What’s happening in February 

February may be the shortest month, but it’s chock full of happenings in our community. Elkins Community Network is co-hosting several events this month that you need to know about! 
Blood Drive Feb. 18
We are hosting a Community Blood Drive 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 18 at the Elkins Community Center. This is in partnership with the American Red Cross. Walk-in appointments are available, but appointments are strongly encouraged. Sign up at and search for “Elkins” when using the ‘Find a Drive’ tool. There is a serious blood shortage and donations are very much needed! 
Business Networking Feb. 24
The Elkins-Area Business Network (part of ECN) is hosting our first business networking event of 2022 at 6 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 24 at G’s Meaty Buns. We would love for you to RSVP on Facebook or send us an email if you are planning to come so that we can get a rough headcount. . Are you a business owner or representative? Join us! 
Voter Registration Drive Feb. 25-26
We are partnering with the Elkins Public Library and the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office to offer a non-partisan voter registration drive. It will be during the regular library hours on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 25-26. You will be able to look up your registration status online and register to vote. There are many open offices and ballot initiatives in 2022 so this is an important step to having your voice heard. 

And in March.....
The original plan for this event was to host it in February but shortly after we published our print newsletter for this month, we learned it was moved to March 10. 

Broadband meeting March 10
We are partnering with the Elkins Public Library to bring representatives from Arkansas Broadband Now to Elkins to meet with members of the community about their broadband needs. They are trying to get an accurate picture of access and usage, as well as encourage people to gain a better understanding of the need for broadband access as a utility. The event will be 6pm, Thursday, March 10, at the Library. 

Thank you to this month's sponsors!

Sponsorships help make what we do possible. If you would like to sponsor a future edition, email us at or visit

We’ve revamped our Classifed Ads to focus on helping business and nonprofits connect with people needing jobs. Our job opening spots will be due at the same time each month as the display ads. They are $10 and up to 300 words. For more information, visit our media guide for sponsorships.


February Calendar of Events


Th Feb. 3 - Storytime at the Elkins Public Library - 11 am; Storytime happens every Thursday at 11am

Sa Feb. 5 - Fruit Tree Pruning workshop - 10am at White River Nursery; more info inside

M Feb. 7 - Curbside Recycling

             - Elkins Planning Commission- 7pm at Elkins City Hall

T Feb. 8 - Special Election for Arkansas Senate District 7; 7:30am to 7:30pm at the Elkins Community Center

W Feb. 9- Tinker Squad Robotics Club for Grades 2-6; 4:30p at ElkinsPublic Library; Tinker Squad meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month

   - Elkins Park Committee Meeting - 6:30 pm at Elkins Public Library Community Room

Th Feb. 10 - Friends of the Elkins Public Library Meeting - Contact the library for more info

                 - Elkins Water Committee Meeting - 7pm at Elkins City Hall

Sa Feb. 12 - Writing Workshop at the Elkins Public Library - 10am; more info inside

                - FBCE Valentine Dinner & Silent Auction - 5:30pm

T Feb 15 - Elkins 4H Club Meeting; 6pm - contact for more info

Th Feb. 17 - Elkins City Council Meeting - 7pm at Elkins City Hall

   - NWA Food Bank Mobile Pantry - 9am at Elkins Community Center

F Feb. 18 - Community Blood Drive at the Elkins Community Center - 1pm to 5pm. Appointments recommended, walk- ins welcome.

M Feb. 21 - Curbside Recycling

  - President’s Day Holiday - Schools, City Offices, Library, and Senior Center are closed.

T Feb. 22 - Elkins School District Board of Directors Meeting - 6pm at the Elkins District Office

Th Feb. 24 - EABN Quarterly Networking Meeting - 6pm at G’s Meaty Buns - more info here

F Feb. 25 - Voter Registration Drive - Elkins Public Library - 8am to 6pm

S Feb. 26  - Voter Registration Drive - Elkins Public Library - 10am to 2pm



View the complete calendar and submit your events at or email us at or call (479)274-0016.

Ways to Serve: Several opportunities!

We’re excited that there are so many ways to serve in our community! We couldn’t pick just one so here are the three we are highlighting this month! 
Senior Center Planning Committee-The Elkins Senior Activity and Wellness Center is forming a planning committee for several events and fundraisers throughout the year. You do not have to be a senior citizen to participate!  Contact Claudine at the center for more information at or (479) 643-2741.
Coach or Umpire for City Baseball/Softball-Volunteer coaches are an essential part of the summer ball experience. More information and application forms are available at the City Administration building or on the City of Elkins website at You can also contact City Hall at (479)643-3400 or email
Library Strategic Planning-The Elkins Library Board of Directors is forming a strategic planning committee and they need help, especially in some specific areas such as construction/building expansion, digital inclusion, and community needs assessments. There would be a weekly/bi-weekly meeting through about late April. Contact Audra at or (479) 643-2904.

Special Election Feb. 8

There is a special election for Arkansas Senate District 7 from 7:30am to 7:30pm, Tuesday, February 8. The election day voting location is the Elkins Community Center. Early voting is Feb. 1-7 at the Washington County Clerk’s Office.

Elkins by the Numbers

These figures reflect December 2021 data, which was presented at the January 2022 City Council meeting. 
  • Police Department: 270 reports (only includes what goes through dispatch)
  • Fire Department: 34 total reports
  • Elkins Public Library: 15,347 (since May 2021)

Mail subscriptions coming soon 

We offer this newsletter in both digital and print formats. We are working on a way that you can subscribe to have the print version delivered by mail! There will be a small annual charge that will cover postage costs and the newsletter will continue to be free at various pick-up locations around town. We will have more information about this opportunity soon! This is a perfect opportunity for those who prefer the print version but can’t always make it to town to pick one up.

Introducing the History Corner

by Audra Bell, EPL librarian

Have you heard about the library’s history project? From 2019-2021, the Elkins Public Library received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to complete three different digital inclusion projects. One of those projects was to digitize local Elkins history. After working hard and building from the ground up our team is pleased to announce a searchable database of local history with mapping and timeline capabilities. Now we need our community’s collective knowledge to help fill our database.
If you have items of interest, pictures, documents, or even a good story please visit our website at and complete an online submission. As always, if you need help please call the library at 479-643-2904 or email us at and we can arrange a time to complete a submission for you, assist with scanning/photographing your items, or recording an oral history. 

The library has already started digging through files and found some great examples from recent history all the way back to the turn of the century. Our town has strong roots in the lumber industry. The local sawmill employed citizens and the railroad ran through town carrying the lumber out.  Below is a picture showing the sawmill which was located in the center of town.


Signups for City Baseball/Softball due Feb. 4

The City of Elkins Baseball and Softball Leagues are currently enrolling players for the 2022 summer season. Boys between the ages of 4 and 15 and Girls ages 4 to 16 are eligible to participate. Registration is $50 per child or $100 per family. Scholarship opportunities may be available upon request. Forms and payment checks must be turned into the City of Elkins Administration Building M-F between 8am and 4pm. Applications are due Feb. 4. Any forms received after that date are subject to space availability and a $15 late fee. For more information, visit here

Friends of the EPL update

The Friends of the Elkins Public Library elected three new board members in January and will be rejuvenating its organization to include more fundraisers and volunteer opportunities to support the library. There will be a meeting Feb. 10 at the Library to start the planning process To join Friends, contact the Library. 


Learning tree pruning Feb. 5

Join County Extension Agent Colin Massey at 10am, Saturday, Feb. 5, as he provides information about fruit tree pruning objectives, timing, tools and methods. His hands-on pruning demonstration will help you feel more confident in pruning in your home orchards. This event will be held at White River Nursery on Highway 16. No registration required.

Writing Class Feb. 12

Are you a writer? Are you interested in learning how to self publish? Learn from local author Linda Rigsbee's experience in self-publishing and also discuss starting an ongoing writers' critique group. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow together! The event is 10am to 12pm, Saturday, Feb. 12, at the Elkins Public Library. 

FBCE hosting Valentine's Dinner 

First Baptist Church of Elkins Youth will be sponsoring a fundraiser dinner and silent auction at 5:30pm on Saturday, February 12, in the gym. The meal is pasta with red and white sauce, salad and dessert. They are asking for your donations of new and gently used items for the silent auction. Items will be on display during dinner. Winners will be announced that evening. 
FBCE youth will also be hosting a rummage sale this spring or summer and are seeking donated items. 

Family weekend starts Feb. 5

Round Mountain Missionary Baptist Church is hosting a family weekend event Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 5-6 at the church. There will be at least four sessions with guest speakers discussing Biblical concepts that pertain to marriage, children, and finances. Childcare will be provided.

Grow your own groceries

The Arkansas Cooperative Extension will be offering a free online (Zoom) class for people interested in food gardening from 12pm to 1pm on March 3. Learn how to grow healthy, nutritious food in your own backyard and get tips on new ways to cook and prepare your harvest. This presentation will cover different types of vegetable gardens, soil preparation, how to decide what to grow, garden maintenance, and dealing with pests and problems. Questions? Contact: Krista Quinn,, 501-329-8344
To register, visit here:

Community Insights

What is a Leader? 

By Case Kirk, ECN Ambassador and U of A student 
We live in an era of rapid progression; this ‘progress’ is loosely defined based on the context we apply it to – advances in technology, a change in ideologies, practices, medicines, transportation, etc. – but isn’t achieved overnight. It takes a team to usher changes, but always starts with a leader. Now, much like progress, a “leader” is not well defined and can be an individual or a small group of like-minded individuals. For this article, we will define a leader as such:
Leader: an entity that inspires, motivates, assumes the responsibility of, and strives for the betterment of the surroundings in which they reside for the common peoples.
To those of you who read last month’s ECN newsletter, this definition should feel familiar. It falls in line with Billy Gregory’s emphasis, that, “servant leadership […] is the most effective way to lead.” I happen to agree – serve your people and make their lives better, they in turn help support you and your endeavors. 
Using this, we know leaders influence change, but who is considered a leader? When do they transition from an extra in the background to director in the foreground? How long does this process take? What do these leaders do that is so different from the rest of us that make their ideas so revolutionary? To be honest – there isn’t a singular, clear-cut answer to any of these questions. There is, however, a common path leaders take, and it is so simple it’s almost comedic.
Leaders ask questions to create or find solutions that can be implemented to resolve problems.
See? It sounds so simple, and to an extent – it is. Though it may be exciting to know the answer to a problem, that alone is not enough. Solutions mean nothing without a plan of execution, and more often than not, good leaders always start with themselves: this is what separates leaders from followers.
“What changes can I make today that help implement this resolution?”
That’s where it starts. Leaders find what they can change in themselves and their immediate networks. From there, it becomes not a question of “what can I do?” but rather “who else could help me?” and “what could we do to make this better?”. 
These leaders also recognize that communication is key and allows every facet of the mission to be either concise, well defined, and predictable or muddled, confusing, and frustrating. Regardless of how well everyone is communicating and working, there will always be a nagging question in the back of their heads, lurking in the corner of their consciousness.
“What if this fails? What if I fail?”
This question is inevitable. Failure hurts and it’s difficult to acknowledge at times. But a great leader knows that everything is a learning experience. If this fails, there is a next time, and they will use their current failure as a lesson to prevent a similar outcome. However, in the attempt to avoid failing or when reflecting on a current failure, they never fixate on just themselves; a wise leader learns from the failures of others and – in the right conditions – can reach out to those who have failed in the past to potentially cultivate a collaborative effort with a unified goal. As JFK stated in his inaugural address: 
“United there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures.”
What does all of this mean – why are all of these definitions important? From my perspective, “leader” is not a position one obtains; it is a role generated as a byproduct of the pursuit of improvement. The best approach to starting these changes is not by pointing fingers, but instead reflecting on your individual actions and sphere of influence to the particular situation. Try to understand a different perspective, keeping an open door to synergetic opportunities while still harboring your passion. If you can, change how you interact with and perceive the issue to try and not only show that you aim to improve the situation, but set an example for others to follow. 
The globe we live in today is still very new and continues to blossom outwards in an organized yet chaotic waltz, one of instantaneous, real-time connections. We live in an age that allows us to digitally see and talk with the entire planet at the touch of a button – why not use this as a tool for progress? As an example, over the past three years, Elkins has seen a redesign in its city website, the start of the digital recordkeeping on Elkins and its intrinsic history, a local community network, and much more – all serving you information through the web. We have only just begun to see our potential as a community and what we are capable of doing. 
So, I pose the following: why not us? Why wouldn’t we lead? JFK introduced the same idea to us as a nation 61 years ago, so why not you? 
“Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."
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Check local calendars for changes to events

We try to be as accurate as possible with our calendar information, but sometimes schedules change. For the most up-to-date information, check our events calendar on our website at City of Elkins events can be found on the city website at Elkins School Events can be found on the district calendar at The Senior Center also publishes a monthly newsletter with its menu and activities that can be found at

Do you have a business, local organization, church, or youth activity that people need to know about? We have a directory for that! Please submit your organization to one of our directories or email us at or call (479) 274-0016 so that we can spread the word about everything going on in Elkins.

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