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Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi
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Newsletter August 2012

Message from Gill

Hi Everyone! My name is Gill Maxwell and I’ve been with CIWY since 2008. I originally came as a volunteer for one month, but like so many of our volunteers, ended up staying much longer than anticipated!

4 years later I’m now the administrator and volunteer coordinator of Parque Ambue Ari. It’s a big change from my past job as an environmental auditor, but working for CIWY has been a life changing experience.

Every day in Ambue Ari provides me with rewarding experiences, challenges and projects. Right now we are working on some exciting projects including the construction of our new cafe! The cafe will be located close to the park, and will be a huge financial contribution to the organisation. We will be posting more details and photos on the Facebook page, as well as details on how to get your name up on the wall, for any past volunteers who want to be immortalised!

For now, enjoy our newsletter, and if anyone has friends heading to South America, be sure to tell them about us!

Lots of love,

Gill Maxwell

Team GB and Team Australia go for gold
On the 30th of June Friends of Inti wara Yassi (FIWY) in the UK, and CIWY Australia, took part in running raises to raise over $2,000US towards CIWY's new aviaries in Parque Machia and Ambue Ari.

This was a fantastic weekend that involved camping, catching up, BBQ, a few drinks and a lot of fun. THIS IS EVENT IS NOT TO BE MISSED! So stick it in your diary for June 2013 or email us if you would like a reminder closer to the time - either in the UK or Australia; running isn't compulsory, and we will make next year's events bigger, better, more fun, and raise more money for CIWY!

In July we celebrated our first ever CIWY EuroProm weekend in Copenhagen! The weekend was a great success with about 30 volunteers having the chance to reconnect with their jungle family.
Keeping with Ambue Ari Prom tradition we had costumes, flip cup tournaments and our own Prom King & Queen (congratulations Morten W. and Karen!). We want to make this an annual event every July changeing locations within Europe every year, so keep your eyes open for info on the 2013 event!.

Big thank you to every one who came and to all the lovely Danes who hosted guests!

Changes to  UK
Following the birth of her triplets, Esperanza Fernandez has stepped down as trustee of FIWY  (CIWY's UK charity), and in order to give others the opportunity to develope FIWY, Jon Cassidy has stepped down as Chairman. A huge thanks goes to Esperanza and Jon for their tireless work for FIWY over the years. In their place, Laura Coleman has stepped in as Treasurer, and Matthew Brimble as Chairman. A big welcome to Laura and Matt - we look forward to an exciting and productive year of supporting CIWY ahead! 


Always wanted to run a marathon but never quite got around to it? Or are you a seasoned marathon runner looking for an excellent cause to run for? Then why not run the 2013 Brighton Marathon and help the animals of Bolivia at the same time! FIWY have two places for this fantastic race, so if you are interested in one of these highly acclaimed places then email us at for more details.

We need YOU! 
Over the last few months, CIWY volunteers have gathered across the globe to show their support for CIWY's 20th anniversary. Whether it be to raise funds, increase awareness of CIWY's work, or simply to socialise and catch up with other volunteers, we would love to encourage you too, to organise an event in your country. Check out the stories in this newsletter, and email us for more ideas and advice on organising an event.

Our support is more important now than ever: tourism in Bolivia, and consequently volunteering numbers, has dropped drastically this year for a number of reasons and so all three refuges are struggling for volunteers and for donations. If you feel you can help out volunteering, or donating, please do get in touch!

Enjoy the read,

Photo Competition
Calling all budding photographers! We are looking for your best, high resolution photos from your time volunteering with CIWY for the 2013 calender. Not only will you be able to show off your pics, but you will also be helping to raise much needed funds for CIWY! Click here to upload photos: Yahoo ID: intiwarayassi, password: Calendar2012  
We will draw up a shortlist of photos and will then invite volunteers to vote for the photos they would most like to see in the calendar.

Park updates
Ambue Ari
Tony: We’re so proud and happy to announce that our baby tapir Tony has a new home. Tony was rescued near Rurrenebaque and was quite unhealthy when he arrived, suffering from malnutrition and malnourishment, but rapidly recovered when he came to Ambue Ari, where he continued to grow (and grow!) and has now been moved to his new enclosure. His new home is next to Herbie, our other resident tapir, and the two will hopefully become close friends and be able to live together in the near future. 

Construction: Engine the Ocelot is being built a new enclosure that will give him a bigger territory which means longer trails, and also access to the river, in addition to being further from OB. We have been blessed by another visit from a Quest group who have been a great help, especially in cutting our fire trails, and we are now busy building the new cafe! (see Gill's intro). For a full update click here.

Jacj Cuisi 
Infrastructure: A £2,000 grant from the Animal Defence Trust has been secured for the construction of the quarantine area, which continues to progress nicely. In addition to this, work on an extensive primate acclimatisation and group formation enclosure in Jacj Cuisi has started, and thanks to a Quest group's hard work, Simba's management cage has been completed. Many thanks also to Pete, whose time is coming to an end as construction coordinator in Jacj Cuisi. He has achieved a huge amount during this time.

Pumitas: The two young pumitas are settling in nicely to their new home. Many thanks to all who worked hard to facilitate their transfer and care for them in their new home.

Parque Machia 
Spider Monkeys: Despite a new road that has been built higher up across Parque Machia and close to the Spider monkey's new area, the Spiders are enjoying their home high in the jungles of Machia, gaining more confidence every day to explore the jungle, and they are often reported to be seen moving gracefully through the trees in various locations across Parque Machia. 

Guarayos and Esperanzo are now almost fully grown, and have usurped Mickey as alpha. The group continues to grow with Dana, Micaela, Kiswara all having babies this year, in addition to our 'toddlers': Dave, Piloto, Lucianita, Sarita, and Leo, who are collectively referred to as the 'Child Soldiers', due to their rambunctious style of play, and their constant attempts at stealing food. Earlier this year we received two Spider monkeys who have succesfully joined the group. For a full update on the spider monkeys, click here.

Pete the

One intrepid past volunteer has raised nearly £2,000 for CIWY by setting up this website. Have a look, click and donate bananas, and be inspired to use your creativity to support CIWY's animals!