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August 2014

Walking just one a mile a day could work wonders


New calculations from Walking for Health released today show that walking can have a significant impact on the risks associated with two of the most common forms of cancer

For many people cancer can be the toughest thing they face, and walking has been proven to help.

The latest statistics from Walking for Health show that walking around one mile, or for just 20 minutes a day, at a moderate pace (3mph),  can help reduce prostate patients’ risk of dying by 30%, whilst for those with breast cancer it can be as high as 40%.

Keeping active, meeting new people and exploring your local area can also help people cope with some of the debilitating side effects of cancer such as depression, fatigue, anxiety and weight changes.

These figures show something that you no doubt see on your walks - that the passion for walking and dedication you bring to your walks can make all the difference to your walkers.

Developed in partnership with Macmillan, the experts in cancer, the story has recieved national coverage including being covered by the Guardian, the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. This raises the profile of walking, keeping it on the national agenda.

 “Walking has been very important to my recovery [from cancer] – it’s helped me boost my energy levels, wellbeing and confidence.” Bryony, walker

As you’ll know more than most, walking doesn’t just help your physical health but also helps lift your mood and is a great way to make new friends.

"Walking for Health enhances so many lives, provides time for reflection, companionship and the general feeling of well-being, which can all help in the resolution of life's difficulties." Alfred, volunteer walk leader