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 Table of Contents  

  • Revenue Forecast
  • Legislative Agenda Updates
  • Committee Updates
  • Black History/Futures Month
  • In the News
  • Town Hall Recap
  • Connect with Our Team
  • Emergency Rental Assistance
  • Resources

 Revenue Forecast 

We heard the first Revenue Forecast of the year this week, which tells us we’ve paid $790 million in income and corporate taxes, however, wealth isn’t equally distributed and the rising cost of living continues to keep groceries, prescriptions, and rents sky high. This is why we need to drive down the cost of living by immediately addressing homelessness and housing instability, investing in small businesses & low wage workers, and investing in food assistance & schools.

This morning's revenue forecast points to hundreds of millions of dollars in additional resources to invest in our communities. To address inequities all around us, the legislature should seize this opportunity and invest in
The People's Budget.

  Legislative Agenda Updates 

Are you interested in participating during the short session?
We have a toolkit for that! Click here to learn more.

Bill Updates
Some of the bills on my legislative agenda have passed through their public hearing and work sessions! Others have been scheduled for their work sessions. After passing through their committees, they will go to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means if they have a fiscal - aka if they cost. Depending on where the bill started (if it is a Senate bill or a House bill), the bill will move to the floor of the original chamber, then move to the other chamber. If the bills pass both House and Senate floor - they get signed into law by the Governor!
  • HB 4099 Racial Equity and Justice Youth Collaborative established at the Oregon Department of Education, passed out of the House Education Committee today, February 2nd! If you missed last week’s hearing, you can watch it here – we even had two kid Governors testify in support! It will now be sent to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.
  • HB 4002 Farmworker Overtime would provide farmworkers with overtime pay after working 40 hours in a workweek. Over 1,000 Oregonians and counting contacted their lawmakers and urged them to pass Farmworker Overtime in anticipation of the public hearing on Tuesday evening, February 8th, in House Business & Labor. This bill would prohibit employers from requiring agricultural workers to work overtime unless they are being compensated for the overtime hours worked. Our entire staff tuned in to hear the over 300 impacted farmworkers, farmers, economists and Oregonians who submitted testimony in support of farmworker overtime.  I also submitted testimony here. The bill is scheduled for a work session Monday 2/14. You can watch the public hearing here.
  • SB 1536 Renters Rights to Cooling is a complementary bill to HB 4058 that is chief sponsored by Senator Kayse Jama and addresses renters' rights to access cooling. The bill has a work session on Monday, February 14th. You can review of a summary of the bill here. You can watch the work session meeting here and review submitted testimony here
  • SB 1510 Transforming Justice 2022 had powerful informational and public hearings last week and was passed out of the Senate Judiciary. You can watch the public hearing here. It is now headed to the Joint Committee on Ways & Means. Stay tuned for more news and ways to help next week.
  • SB 1569 Race and Ethnicity on Tax Forms was up for a public hearing in the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue on Monday, February 7, in which I provided testimony. It’s critical that the Department of Revenue is able to collect detailed data on race and ethnicity so that we can better understand the racialized impacts caused by Oregon’s Tax System and use the information as a tool to narrow racial and economic disparities in our state. I was proud to testify in support of this policy. You can watch the recorded public hearing and work session here. It is now on it’s way to the Joint Ways and Means Committee!
  • SB 1543 Universal Representation had a public hearing in the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Ballot Measure 110 implementation Wednesday, February 9 at 8:00 AM. This bill  would ensure that every immigrant Oregonian has access to Universal Legal Representation through community-based lawyering and client empowerment. During the hearing, many immigrant and refugee Oregonians shared their stories of success having gone through the pilot program (ECO) sustaining their legal right to stay rather than be separated from their family. They were joined by dozens of organizations and individuals expressing support to expand this successful pilot program statewide to make sure everyone has legal representation when they walk into a immigration courtroom. I also testified during the hearing, which you can watch here. This had a work session Thursday, February 10th.

Additional Noteworthy Bills This Week

One of my top priorities is protecting our community safety and ensuring that everyone is safe in their neighborhoods. We should reduce traffic stops for infractions like broken tail lights that aren’t dangerous, so police can focus on mitigating violent crime and support the needs of survivors and victims. It will also be important to address the rise in hate crimes, and give law enforcement the tools they need to investigate these cases. Lastly, small businesses need a path to recovery as soon as possible, and HB 4075 will seek to support them when they have been burglarized or vandalized.

Right now, legislators are discussing several bills that ensure that everyone feels safe in their community. 

  • HB 4074/HB 4016, which will address illegal cannabis grows and protect trafficked workers
  • HB 4102: Oregon State Police coordination with tribes to investigate Missing and Murdered Indigenous People cases

 2022 BIPOC Caucus Policy Agenda 

We also released the 2022 BIPOC Caucus policy agenda. You can find the full agenda here:

  Committee Updates 

  • House Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources
    Has done a lot of work this past week. Public hearings and work sessions were held for: HB 4058 which would create a program to acquire and distribute air conditioners and air purifiers on an emergency basis to individuals eligible for medical assistance, HB 4130, which would appropriate money to Department of Transportation for wildlife corridor project, HB 4057 which adds "spray sprinkler bodies" to minimum energy efficiency standards, HB 4077 which renames Environmental Justice Task Force as Environmental Justice Council, HB 4059 which redefines "large-scale project" for purposes of contractor labor standards, and HB 4148 which Directs Department of State Lands, in consultation with State Department of Fish and Wildlife, to establish a salmon credit program to encourage voluntary restoration of salmonid habitat and allow persons to meet compensatory mitigation obligations.
    You can follow this committee on OLIS which will me on Monday, February 14th, at 1:00pm. 
  • House Committee on Housing
    We hold meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays, and this past week we held public hearings on HB 4063, HB 4123, HB 4051, HB 4037 and a public hearing and work session for HB 4064 which would allow the siting of prefabricated homes to be built on single family dwelling plots and held to the same criteria as single family dwelling units. It will also provide support to community members who lost their manufactured homes to wildfires. On Monday we have a busy schedule with a public hearing and possible work session for HB 4118 and work sessions for the following bills: HB 4125, HB 4051, HB 4023, HB 4063, HB 4037. Check out the agenda and get the link to view the meeting here.
  • House Committee on Rules
    We have introduced committee measures and held public hearings on several bills, ranging from topics on nonresidential alarm systems, reporting on natural disasters, and traffic enforcement programs. You can follow the House Rules Committee on OLIS, we meet every Monday and Wednesday at 8:00am.
  • House Committee on Revenue
    The House Committee on Revenue continues to be filled with various bills from privilege and harvest tax reform, historic property program incentives improvements, and wildfire-impacted school districts.  You can follow this committee on OLIS, we meet every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:15pm.
  • Joint Committee on Ways and Means
    I am honored to We’ve begun our work in the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. Last week, we introduced four committee measures that will get amended with appropriations from the Legislature. As the short session continues, bills that have a fiscal or revenue impact will move out of their respective policy committees to this committee. You can follow along with our work here.

  Black History/Futures Month  


 🌻  Highlighting Black Led Organizations  🌻

Equitable Giving Circle

Is a Black women led Portland and reparations based organization that is in the process of getting their non-profit status that distributes produce, care packages, and houseplants to Black and Brown families - fostering community and joy. If you want to support this work or connect with EGC to receive community support and care, visit:

Black and Beyond the Binary

Bussin Shots! Part II I February 26th, 12 - 4pm I 5633 SE Division St.
Vaccine Clinic Event with music, games, and food
Black & Beyond the Binary Collective is dedicated to the healing, liberation, & safety of Black-African trans, queer, nonbinary, and intersex Oregonians.
To learn more, visit:


Reclaim Albina Arts Center organized by Don't Shoot PDX
Sign the petition to reclaim the Albina Arts Center I Get your free poster to share the movement for reclamation
To learn more, visit:

 Fostering and Celebrating Black Joy and Wellness 


How to Write a Love Letter by Annika Hansteen-Izora
February 12th, 1-2:30pm EST I Online Poetry Workshop I Honoring the many types of love
To learn more, visit their Instagram: @annika.izora

Sign up for "Plants as Portals" newsletter for all things floral, herbal, and sunflowers by Ellen
Sign up here I Visit the website here I Follow: @unitedstatesofflowers

🦋 Happy Black History/Futures Month 🦋

  In the News 

  • We should focusing on reducing traffic stops for infractions like broken tail lights which do not present an immediately dangerous situation to public safety.

  • Small businesses and working families are what make Oregon's economy vibrant. That’s why House Democrats are making it easier for victims of crime, including small businesses, to get repaid for damages caused by break-ins. 

  • Majority Leaders Fahey and Wager are right: We need to take swift action to deliver on a robust recovery that supports our small businesses and working families, not big corporations.

  • House Democrats are championing bringing broadband to rural Oregon. Broadband is critical for Oregon's economy and small businesses. It'll expand access to services like doctors appointments, online learning, digital grocery delivery, and more. Internet access is no longer a luxury, it's an essential service and should be treated like a public utility.

  • As Oregon experiences more extreme weather, we must equip Oregonians with the tools they need to stay safe and cool. House Democrats are working to help working families across the state get cooling units in their homes and make our communities more resilient. We still need long term, proactive climate planning, which I am committed to in the 2023 long session.

  Start of Session Town Hall Recap  

Thank you so much to those of you who were able to attend my town hall. I hope the conversation we hosted was helpful for you, and I extend the invitation to reach out to my office with any questions you may have. 
I also wanted to recirculate with you all of the links that our fabulous guest speakers and co-hosts shared during the meeting.

From the Secretary of State's Office

Contact: Jessica Ventura,
PCUN's Testimony Tool
Testimony tool:
From Miles Palacios with REAP for HB 4099 Racial Equity and Justice Youth Collaborative Contact: Mile Palacios,
Transforming Justice
At, people can:
  • Email your legislators 
  • Add your name to a list of supporters 
  • Find out social media where you can help your networks take action

  Connect with Our Office!  


Do you have a question, need support, or want to share with us something that's important to you? You can reach our HD 47 staff by sending an email  to  or calling (503) 986-1447.

 Emergency Rental Assistance  

The Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance portal reopened on Wednesday, January 26th. 

 If you are in need of emergency rental assistance, once the application opens apply as soon as you are able as funds are limited, and the portal will stay open for a minimum of three weeks. 
Apply for Rental Assistance

  Resources Reminders 

 Non-Emergency Bias Response Hotline 

The Oregon Department of Justice now has a trauma informed hotline for community members who have experienced or witnessed a hate incident or crime. The operators on this line are trained to help survivors and there is multilingual support with interpreters in 240 languages.

The response hotline is open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday PST. For community members with a hearing disability, please dial 711.
You can also visit:


As we continue to experience public health and safety issues due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are struggling with their mental health. Many feelings of fatigue and repetition are normal when navigating a phenomenon like this, but if you are consistently experiencing depression or hopelessness please talk to someone who can offer you support

If you are in need of food access or other services, please check out Street Root's Rose City Resource for a comprehensive list of supportive services. 

  • Lines for Life Racial Equity Line: 503-575-3764
    • Support by people who have lived experience of racism, weekdays 10am to 7pm
  • Call to Safety: 503-235-5333
    • Trauma informed support for domestic and sexual abuse survivors, 24/7
  • The Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386
    • Support for queer youth, 24/7 via phone, text, or chat
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
    • Support for people considering suicide in English and Español, 24/7 - you matter, please call if you are contemplating suicide. Also available for those who have a hearing disability. Chat option available.
 Covid-19 Vaccine Resources 

For the most up-to-date information, including eligibility for Booster shots, visit Oregon Health Authority (OHA)’s booster and third doses web page. Vaccines are safe and effective. To learn more, visit the OHA FAQ pageUse the OHA Vaccine Locator Map to find a vaccination site close to you.

  Supporting Afghan Refugees 

If you’re interested in supporting and welcoming Oregon’s new refugee arrivals from Afghanistan, contact one of Oregon’s  refugee resettlement agencies listed below. If you would like to start your own sponsor circle for an Afghan family, check out this new program through the U.S. State Department here to find out more. 

Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-373, Salem, OR 97301 - Phone: (503) 986-1447

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