A Closer Look at Case Management—One of BPM’s Top Trends

Recently we previewed the top five Business Process Management (BPM) trends that will drive change in 2013. Now we’ll take a closer look at case management, which will play an increasing role in Oracle BPM solutions. Where many users have found Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to be disappointing, case management provides the solution. It encompasses a wide variety of functionality—including document and record management, real-time operational intelligence and complex events processing.

So what exactly is case management? In short, it’s a knowledge-worker driven process solution that supports collaboration through highly structured (and dynamic) data exchange. Cases include a collection of tasks or activities that need to be performed in a particular order—and business professionals can add documents, tasks, objects and new processes on an ad hoc basis. Case management features include:

• Document and Record Management
Case management empowers the business user by enabling them to create and share important documents, records and data with others in order to make the wisest business decisions. It supports and enhances collaboration through the use of secure user groups, discussion forums and more.

• Real-time Operational Intelligence
Case management provides business users with access to real-time information, with customizable real-time process and data reports. Yet business policies and rules are kept firmly in place. A shareable, electronic “case folder” holds all documents, records, tasks and processes relevant to the case.

• Complex Events Processing
Case management ensures business policies and procedures are adhered to, while enabling business professionals to modify business processes. Processes are often driven by data and events, and users are able to direct and act on unplanned events and tasks thanks to dynamic ad hoc processes.

To learn more about the role case management will play in Oracle BPM 11g, and to see a case scenario involving bank transactions, visit the Oracle A-Team-SOA blog today.

As usual, education will play a key role in supporting organizations as they shift from ECM solutions to BPM case management, and we recommend Oracle users prepare now for the future incorporation of case management in BPM solutions. As the first Oracle Unified BPM Specialized Partner in North America, we provide tailored guidance, education and support needed during the transition process. Whether you’re interested in learning more about BPM case management, or ready to get started today, contact us at (972) 608-4777 or info@avioconsulting.com.

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