Real-World Realities and Implications of Business Process Management in the Cloud

BPM offers innumerable benefits. Yet it is not without its own unique set of challenges—challenges that can result in failed projects. Promises in cloud technology offer a new set of reasons to believe in the power of BPM to change processes and businesses for the better though. In just a few years, the cloud has firmly established itself as a sustainable option for many aspects of IT previously managed solely in-house and on premise. Now all sorts of applications and solutions can be housed in and managed from the cloud, making the idea of managing processes there viable too.

Top of Mind Challenges
While the cloud's promise of ease of use is enticing, there are a number of challenges that will need to be addressed. One key cloud challenge pertains to the “mess of many.”  Having an HR system on premise and another complimentary system in the cloud could double process problems. In some scenarios, it may be better to pick on premise or the cloud rather than both. While in other scenarios, the most viable option may be a hybrid approach. Determining when and how to leverage existing investments, while taking advantage of the cloud, will require a strong organizational cloud strategy.

With an increased level of deployment of technology without IT involvement in the cloud, there will be a renewed focus on governance. Cloud systems are also more vulnerable to third-party intrusion, so security is a key area for evaluation. Finally, the cloud also requires easier ways to collaborate with people and systems across the globe while also requiring clearly-defined service provider service level agreements.


Top Benefits of Cloud-Based BPM

  • Cloud economics and easy provisioning let business try technologies with little investment
  • Reduces time to prepare BPM systems from months to days, reducing expenses significantly
  • Enables intra- and inter-organizational process collaboration with a “borderless” environment that supports teams, partners and processes scattered across the globe
  • Centralizes standards, architecture and assets that can be leveraged across the organization.

A SOA Foundation is a Good Idea
A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) can be especially valuable when putting together a BPM cloud initiative. For example, both the Oracle SOA Suite and the Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) are excellent options for aligning data from external systems with BPM based process. BPM leverages the SOA and ICS integration capabilities to maximize business agility through the efficiency and flexibility of business services—while SOA enables IT asset reuse and lower IT costs. Oracle SOA Suite features a layered architecture that minimizes time and cost to integrate and leverage existing IT assets. Likewise, Oracle BPM Suite decreases operational costs and drives revenue.

Next steps
Read Six winning best practices for getting started with BPM in the cloud on our blog for a few quick tips. Whether you want to learn more about cloud-based BPM, or are ready to start an initiative—don’t hesitate to reach out to us. AVIO Consulting was the first Specialized Partner in North America for Oracle’s unified BPM and SOA solutions. Our team has the education and experience to guide any BPM project to a successful conclusion. Contact us at (972) 608-4777 or

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