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Last Minute Skills Course Availability

Places still remaining over Easter Weekend for adults,
kids and families

We hope you're enjoying this gorgeous spell of excellent dry, sunny weather we having at the moment. The trails are running beautifully here in the Surrey Hills.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity and visit us this Easter weekend for some cheeky skills coaching while the sun is shining? See below for more details.

Happy trails!

The Singletrack School Team

Our programme over Easter and next few weeks

Courses for Beginners & Experience Seekers

Singletrack Foundations
Level 1 | Beginners & experience seekers
£85 | Half day course

Learn the basics of riding off-road from selecting the right gear to knowing how to brake safely, we'll give you the skills to get you riding off-road in safety and with confidence. 

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Forthcoming dates
· Sun 21st April 2019 - Book Now
· Mon 22nd April 2019 - Book Now

· Fri 3rd May 2019 - Book Now
Discover Mountain Biking
Level 1 | Beginners & experience seekers
£130 | Full day course (inc. bike hire)
So you'd like to experience the exciting sport of mountain biking for the first time, but are unsure where to start, look no further than our Discover Mountain Biking day.

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Forthcoming dates
· Sun 21st April 2019 - Book Now
· Tue 23rd April 2019 - Book Now
· Thu 25th April 2019 - Book Now

*women only course date

Courses for Rookies, Roadies & Returners 

Singletrack Fundamentals
Level 2 | Rookies, roadies & returners
£110 | Full course day

If you're either new to mountain biking, or even a little more experienced, you've probably never been taught the fundamentals of riding off-road. On this course we'll give you the core skills to get you out in the woods tackling technical trails with confidence and commitment.
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Forthcoming dates
· Fri 19th April 2019 - Book Now
· Sat 27th April 2019* - Book Now
· Fri 26th April 2019** - Book Now

*women only course date | **over 50s only course date
Fast-track Singletrack Skills
Level 2 | Rookies, roadies & returners
£199 | Two full course days

So you've been mountain biking a while and have probably realised that there's more to this incredibly exciting sport than simply being able to ride a bike.  

Over two action-packed days, our expert coaches will take what you have learned so far and upgrade you to the next level and beyond. 

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Forthcoming dates
· 19th-20th April 2019 - Book Online
· 27th-28th April 2019* - Book Online
· 4th-5th May 2019 - Book Online

*women only course date
Singletrack Refresher
Level 2/3 | Returners to the sport
£85 | Half Day

Perhaps it's been a while since you last railed a corner or sailed off a drop, and somehow you seem to be braking in all the wrong places these days. Maybe you've forgotten everything from the last time you received coaching or maybe you've never had any coaching before.

Sometimes best to refresh those first principles and iron out the bad habits that can develop over time. Our Singletrack Refresher coaching course will upgrade your existing skills to get you tackling technical trails the way you used to back in the day.

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Forthcoming dates
· Sun 21st April 2019 - Book Online
· Fri 3rd May 2019 - Book Online
· Wed 8th May 2019 - Book Online

Courses for Intermediate Riders & Improvers

Singletrack Improver
Level 3 | Intermediate riders & improvers
£120 | Full Day

Have you reached a plateau in your mountain biking and can't seem to ride faster on technical terrain without fear of falling off? Maybe you've tried a few red or black graded backcountry or trail centre trails, but lacked the confidence to hit technical sections as hard as you would like?

We'll build upon your existing trails skills so you can ride confidently on any terrain, in any location, and any in conditions; be it a gnarly backcountry trail in The Lakes or classic red route at a Welsh trail centre?

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Forthcoming dates
· Sat 20th April 2019 - Book Online
· Sat 18th May 2019 - Book Online
· Sat 15th June 2019 - Book Online
Mountain Bike Improver
Level 3 | Intermediate riders & improvers
£199 | Two full course days

Spend two days under the watchful eyes of our coaches learning technical singletrack skills and let us take your trail riding to the next level. 

We'll look at the key elements to finding your flow and build upon your fundamentals to improve your technical singletrack skills. Complex rooty trails will no longer hold any fear and steep rocky descents will become second nature.

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Forthcoming dates
· 11th-12th May 2019 - Book Online
· 8th-9th June 2019 - Book Online
· 13th-14th July 2019 - Book Online

Easter Holiday Kids & Family Sessions

We have lots going on over the Easter holidays for kids and parents alike. Get your kids out of your hair for half a day and we'll teach them how to ride safely and confidently in the hills with our Singletrack Foundations course.

Alternatively, in the unlikely event that you like your kids, you can join them on one of our brilliant Private Family Sessions and learn together.
Singletrack Foundations Kids Only
Level 1 | Beginners & experience seekers
£85 | Half day course

Send your adventurous kids along to learn the basics of riding off-road from selecting the right gear to knowing how to brake safely, we'll give them the skills to get them riding off-road in safety and with confidence. 

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Forthcoming dates
· Wed 10th April 2019 - Book Now
· Wed 17th April 2019 - Book Now
· Wed 24th April 2019 - Book Now
Private Family Skills Sessions
Level 1-2 | Beginners and above
£199 | Half day for 1-3 participants
£249 | Full day for 1-3 participants

If you are looking for a family activity for the school holidays or would like to try out the sport of mountain biking before committing to buying a fleet of bikes for the whole family, why not book your family in for a private family coaching session?

Learn more

Call 0333 1212125 to make a booking for the Easter holidays

Singletrack School Gift Vouchers

Singletrack School gift vouchers can be exchanged as full or part payment for any of our brilliant mountain bike skills courses, technique courses, skills weekends, guided rides and short breaks.

Give a Skills Upgrade

Iron out bad habits, learn new skills you didn't know existed & improve every aspect of your trail riding

£110 Gift Voucher

Learn more | Buy Voucher 

Personalised 1-2-1 Coaching

Detailed analysis & feedback of riding
style & technique to reach the
next level & beyond

£199 Gift Voucher

Learn more | Buy Voucher

Free skills book when you buy £150 or more of our vouchers

Thrill Seeker

Spend a smashing half day
experiencing the thrilling
 technical trails of The Surrey Hills

£30 Gift Voucher

Learn more | Buy Voucher

Multi-day Skills & Thrills

Two action packed days honing your riding skills & testing them on our superb Surrey Hills singletrack trails

£199 Gift Voucher

Learn more | Buy Voucher
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