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Caretaking The Conservatory of Flowers Vertical Garden

Horticulturist Steph Kantorski describes her experience using the Florafelt System for the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers vertical garden. 

by Steph Kantorski

A redesign of the vestibule in San Francisco’s historic Conservatory of Flowers has created a breathtaking introduction for visitors to this world-famous Victorian structure. One of the largest and most beautiful vertical green walls in the city is now on full display for visitors inside North America’s oldest public wood-and-glass greenhouse.

This dramatic 360-pocket wall (created with 30 Florafelt 12-pocket panels) reflects the spirit of the Conservatory. It was created with donated materials and labor by people with an enthusiastic love for plants. The result is an exquisite display of tropical greenery, flowering varieties and colorful vines for a luscious eye-catching wall that stirs the imagination.

It all began with the 2012 San Francisco Decorator Showcase that featured an exterior green wall...
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