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Help 'em Out

How many times have run into someone you've met a few times, realized you know them, and also had the horrible realization that you can't remember their name? They remember yours and obviously expect that you know who they are. Wouldn't it be nice if they would have said "Hello" and then their name? Wouldn't that be great? You'd have a much more comfortable time talking to them because you would be able to pay attention to what they were saying instead of desperately trying to remember their name.

Now, imagine how many times people you met were wishing the same thing. Do a favor for the people you only slightly know by saying hello and your name with where you're from. "Hi John. Beth, from the Clovis Chamber." Instead of feeling uncomfortable the whole time they are talking with you and associating negative feelings with you, they'll feel positive toward you.

What if they absolutely knew your name and said something like "Of course I know who you are?"  Then laugh it off and tell them "Sorry, I've done so much networking lately that it's become a habit."

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