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At The Edge of Life 

by Richard L. Morgan 
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Once again Richard L. Morgan writes a thought-provoking book that helps the aging pilgrim face the reality of death. From his experiences as a hospice chaplain he tells stories about how to be silent and how to carry on conversations with those who are dying. The reader will discover different ways to pray, to read the Scriptures,to reflect on life’s journey. Morgan Upper Room Books, Nashville, TN ISBN 978-0-8358-1332-7 (2014)


 Just Observing 

As I visit congregations, listen to what congregants are saying about the ministry of their parish and community, read journals and books on aging, I share the following with you on what I see happening: 

  • Some congregations are only interested in serving young people. 
  • Too many congregations fail to recognize older adults as gifts of God to the church. 
  • More and more congregations are beginning to seek and know the skills and abilities of older adults and and are challenging them to use their gifts for Kingdom work. 
  • Other congregations are helping older adults adjust to the changes in their lives. 
  • Few congregations promote an intergenerational ministry. 
  • A growing number of congregations are developing ministries that enhance and enrich the lives of their aging membership. 
  • Congregations are working together to touch the lives of an aging population. 
  • Congregations are changing their style of ministry to meet the needs of an aging population. 

What about your congregation? What can you do to challenge your congregation to enable and empower older adults to share their faith, gifts, and talents with others? How active is your congregation in touching the lives of the homebound and residents in care centers? 

Does your congregation have a vision that sets into motion a ministry to, by, for, and with older adults? 

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Age Smart — Age Well — Age Gracefully

6 Strategies for a Healthier, Happier, and Holier LIFE 

  1. Spiritual activity like worship, meditation, prayer, Bible reading and Bible classes 
  2. Physical activity like walking, exercising, aerobics, swimming, dancing, and yoga 
  3. Social activity like recreation, fellowship gatherings, visiting, playing cards, family get-togethers 
  4. Intellectual activity like reading, learning new skills, attending lectures, and seminars 
  5. Dining activity like eating nutritionally balanced meals 
  6. Living with a positive and passionate and purposeful attitude 

Listen to the voices of joyful retirees 

You need to plan what you will do next before you retire. Make sure your life has meaning and purpose. 

Before retiring, plan to reinvent yourself as one who gives back as much as you can. 

Forge strong relationships — with family, friends, church members, even with folks you did not know. 

Take time to meditate on what God is saying to you in His holy Word. 

Life is not like waiting for the storm to pass; rather it is about dancing in the rain. 

God has given me these extra years of living. My opportunity is to use them wisely … growing in faith, growing in service. 


by Marty Richards 
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Numerous studies attest that caregiving undermines physical and mental health, even spiritual vitality. 

Marty Richards, a clinical social worker as well as a caregiver, writes about SHARING experiences between the caregiver plus family, friends, faith community, and healthcare professionals and includes the care receiver. This book ought to be read by every caregiver and care receiver and their supportive community. Skylight Paths Publishing, Woodstock,VT ISBN13:978-1-59473-247-8 (2009) 

“When you care for someone who is dealing with the complexities of aging, illness, or disability, you share intense emotions and form deep bonds. You each have the opportunity to recognize what is most deeply human — and most deeply Divine — in the other. This sense of reciprocal sharing — between the caregiver, care receiver, and with others around you — is the essence of the dance in caresharing.” —from the Prelude

A Healthy Congregation For Aging Pilgrims 


Changes that take place as we age call for congregations to adapt and adjust their ministries to meet the needs of an aging population — reaching out with a message of God’s love calls for a ministry that touches the lives of older adults as they go through the various transitions of aging. 

Congregations can promote support groups, wellness clinics, opportunities for service, special Bible classes and seminars, fellowship gatherings, intergenerational activities, educational classes. A healthy congregation creates an atmosphere that communicates “we care about older adults in meaningful ways”. 

Strength for the Struggle 

A retired pastor shares his insights from the Civil Rights Movement and Urban Ministry. He grew up in Selma, Alabama and served as pastor in Birmingham, AL, and in the central city of Milwaukee, WI. 

The reader will be inspired to become involved in the ever-present struggle in today’s society that seeks justice and peace and hope for all people. The book concludes with questions and reflections for discussion. 

This book will support and inspire seminary students, pastors, and congregational members to connect across cultural boundaries and to live and act courageously, knowing that they are called by God and surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. 

Maven Mark Books, Milwaukee, WI ISBN 978-1-59598-296-4 (2014) Order from for $20 


When I was a baby and wept and slept, TIME crept. 

When I was a boy and laughed and talked, TIME walked. 

When years saw me as a man, TIME ran. 

But as older I grew, TIME flew. 

Smile every day — See Miracles In Life Every Day! 

Please be patient! God is not finished with me yet! 

We know that we cannot take our “stuff” with us when we die, so there is no reason for hanging on to it if we are not using it for our living. 

Old age is like climbing a mountain. On top you are tired and breathless, but your view can be outstanding. 

Age does not matter unless we are cheese. 

We are not too old to do something new. 

Loved by God — ALWAYS. Living with purpose — ALWAYS. 

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