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CBD Chabad CUES (Centre for Universal Ethics and Society)
together with Ord Minnett are proud to invite you to a forum entitled:

Science as a "tool" and Science as a "truth"

The great assistance which science affords humanity, in its practical ability here and now to supply human needs and accomplish technical feats, is beyond dispute. At the same time the global, overarching and cosmic claims of science become issues of political dispute:

Was the world created or is it an extension
(even via a big bang) of pre-existing matter?

Does the structure of the universe demonstrate a spiritual
logic or does it represent the play of autonomous forces?

In this forum, perspectives on the nature and truth of science will be presented by
Professor John Schuster, a distinguished scholar in the History and Philosophy of Science, and Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization.
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  15 August 2012
- Cocktails
5:20 - 6:20PM - Forum
6:20 - 6:30PM - Questions
Level 8, NAB House
255 George Street,
  $20 -
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Professor John A. Schuster

Dr John Schuster is an Honorary Fellow at the Unit for History & Philosophy of Science and Centre for the Foundations of Science, University of Sydney; and Honorary Fellow at Campion College. He is the author of major studies in his field and has taught internationally including at Cambridge and Princeton Universities. An associate of several academic institutions, he continues actively to write and publish. He is a world authority on tha natural-philosophical and mathematical and scientific writings of Descartes.

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Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, son of former Governor General of Australia, Sir Zelman Cowen, established the Institute for Judaism and Civilization in 1998. Its mission is to explore the interface of Judaism and the general ethical tradition from Sinai at the root of the world cultures with the culture and sciences of contemporary society. His most recent focus has been on the application of universal ethics in the tradition from Sinai to questions of contemporary politics and society. His latest book, Politics and Universal Ethics, received bipartisan launches from members of the NSW, Victorian and Tasmanian parliaments. 

What is CUES?

CUES - Centre for Universal Ethics and Society - is concerned with the ethical horizons of public policy and corporate conduct from the perspective of universal ethics. Universal ethics is the code of fundamental shared values found at the root of the world religions and cultures. The aim of CUES is to encourage and foster the ideals of honesty, integrity and social responsibility by promoting the study of universal ethical principles, personal virtue, and moral leadership.

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