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Today is a good day to be a blues fan. This morning I published a restored and enhanced version of the "In Session" concert from SRV and Albert King in 4K resolution on the Vintage Blues in 4K YouTube Channel. I hope that no matter what your week ahead has in store for you, you will find some joy in rewatching this show that looks better than ever.
SRV & Albert King - In Session

This is the full 1983 jam between these two legendary guitarists.
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This is the 4th full concert added to the VB4K Channel. Here are the other 3 recently added:

TXBA Locals Testimonial

“Back in the Dark Ages, my French teacher at NCSU told the class that people that who were good at math were also good at music and vice versa. We are fortunate to have a musician with engineering (math) background here at TBA. The courses here are designed efficiently, logically and effectively.”

-- Drew H. 07/26/2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, our Locals program has grown significantly. I haven't advertised it much because it seemed weird to try and capitalize on the extra time people had from being laid off from work, etc...
But, if you do find yourself with extra time on your hands. the Locals Program can help you make the most of it. If you want to take your blues playing to the next level, the Locals program can get you there.
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Here's a review of other lessons and videos published at TXBA over the past few weeks.

How To Mute Bends Without String Noise

Mute Bends

If you are studying how to play blues guitar, you will find no shortage of lessons teaching blues guitar licks. But blues licks often included bends, and not all bends are supposed to be played the same.

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Do You Need To Use This Grip?

You know this grip, almost every famous blues and blues rock guitarist uses it. It is the grip of legends. But do you NEED to use it? That's the question I'll tackle in this lesson.
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My Perfect Pedal Platform

Two Notes Audio recently did a firmware update to the C.A.B. M pedal, adding (among other things) a preamp emulation section. This completely changes how you can use the pedal, and in this video I'll explain why it's perfect for me.
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Those Sliding Hendrix Chords From Little Wing

Those chords are instantly recognizable. They're not complicated, but playing the slides the right way is the secret to getting that signature Hendrix sound.
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Using Your Middle Finger To Play Scuttle Buttin'

In this lesson we will literally be giving the song "Scuttle Buttin'" the finger. Trust me, it makes sense, just watch the lesson.
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