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On Friday I put out a lesson addressing a very common question about the thumb-over guitar grip used by SRV and Hendrix.

Do You NEED To Use This Grip To Play Like SRV or Hendrix?

Do You Need This Grip?

You know this grip, almost every famous blues and blues rock guitarist uses it. It is the grip of legends. But do you NEED to use it? That's the question I'll tackle in this lesson.

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Here's a review of other lessons and videos published at TXBA over the past few weeks.

My Perfect Pedal Platform

Two Notes Audio recently did a firmware update to the C.A.B. M pedal, adding (among other things) a preamp emulation section. This completely changes how you can use the pedal, and in this video I'll explain why it's perfect for me.
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Those Sliding Hendrix Chords From Little Wing

Those chords are instantly recognizable. They're not complicated, but playing the slides the right way is the secret to getting that signature Hendrix sound.
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Using Your Middle Finger To Play Scuttle Buttin'

In this lesson we will literally be giving the song "Scuttle Buttin'" the finger. Trust me, it makes sense, just watch the lesson.
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Accents: Instant Blues Magic

What if there was a simple way to instantly make whatever blues licks you already know sound MUCH better? Well, that kind of magic exists, and it's called "accenting". In this lesson I'll show you how to apply accents to a simple lick, then demonstrate some blues playing with and without accents to help you learn to hear the difference.
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That Hendrix Sliding IV Chord Lick From Red House

In this lesson I'll teach you how to play a short, but very memorable sliding lick that Jimi Hendrix used in Red House over the IV chord. I'll also show you how to use it over the I and V chords.
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