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Yesterday was Tone Tuesday and I decided to answer some questions about a new piece of gear that's pretty awesome.

I Answer Ten Questions About The Torpedo Captor X from Two Notes

Torpedo Captor X

This device has become an indispensable part of my studio since I began using it several weeks ago. But it's not for everyone, and in this video I'll answer ten questions you might have about it that might help you understand what it does, how it compares, and who it's for.

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If You Missed It

Here's a review of other lessons and videos published at TXBA over the past few weeks.

That Hendrix Sliding IV Chord Lick From Red House

Hendrix Lick Lesson

In this lesson I'll teach you how to play a short, but very memorable sliding lick that Jimi Hendrix used in Red House over the IV chord. I'll also show you how to use it over the I and V chords.

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My Dumble-esque Fuchs Blackjack 21 On TEN

Andy Fuchs has been putting Dumble style tone into the hands of guitar players for reasonable prices since before I can remember. I love my Blackjack 21 so much.

Now with my Two Notes Torpedo Captor X I can match it to a cabinet perfectly (it's a little pickier about which cabinets it sounds goo through than some amps).
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The OTHER Minor Blues Pattern You Must Know

Minor Blues Pattern

There's a particular kind of blues song that uses a very aggressive minor blues soloing theme, and in this lesson I'll show you the simple pattern on the fretboard (outside the normal blues boxes) that gives you THAT sound.

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Easy B.B. King Slow Blues Starter Licks

Easy BB King Licks

B.B. King had a few signature licks that he'd use to kick off a Slow Blues song. The great thing about those licks is that they're very simple to play, and instantly recognizable.

In this lesson I'll show you about 6 licks, each slightly different, that you can use to start off a slow blues song like B.B. King.
In this lesson I'll show you about 6 licks, each slightly different, that you can use to start off a slow blues song like B.B. King.
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Comparing Dumble & Fender Tones for Texas Flood

Have you ever noticed the guitar tones on the Texas Flood album are noticeably different than any other SRV record? In this video I'll compare a Dumble tone to Blackface Fender tones in my Kemper Profiler and play them both back to back along with Texas Flood.

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Scorching Philip Sayce Lick From "Out Of My Mind"

Philip Sayce Lick Lesson
In this lesson I'll break down a lick from Philip Sayce's live performance of "Out of My Mind" at Q107. This lick happens at a break where everyone stops, and he just rips through this series of notes at an incredible pace.
I can't play it nearly as fast as he can, but I can teach it at a more reasonable speed and explain how you can use hammer-ons and pull-offs to get through it.
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