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A few weeks ago I published an updated lesson on the final solo that Stevie Ray Vaughan ever played.
SRV's Final Solo

I promised that anyone who joined this email list would get the tablature for that solo. If you haven't watched the lesson yet, you can access it here.


Tablature Links

I've put the tabs into 3 different formats, and tried to make it as readable as possible. Here are the download links:

22 Guitarists (of all skill levels) Jam Together Over Slow Blues

Recently over twenty of my TXBA Locals members submitted videos for me to use in our 3rd Locals Community Jam. We used a backing track styled after "Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love" by SRV.

I edited the best parts of everyone's playing together into an 8 minute slow blues jam. They worked hard to record their parts, and I'm extremely proud of their willingness to put their playing out into the world for people to see. 

Watch The Jam

What Is TXBA Locals?

If you're new to this list, and new to Texas Blues Alley, you might have questions about what the TXBA Locals Program is.
TXBA Locals is a membership program that gives you unlimited online access to our entire catalog of courses, designed specifically for Texas Blues fans.
I could give you a sales pitch, but I'd rather let one of my members do it for me.

"Joined TXBA yesterday and although my guitar playing needs lots of work since I’m a beginner, I am so impressed with the technical organization and teaching formats provided to the “Locals”.

With the push of a few buttons, I can easily loop a section of the teaching that I may be struggling with. I can zoom in to easily observe what Anthony is doing on the fretboard and the instruction is just that, instruction….just what I need in my guitar journey! I look forward to coming back to the TXBA site every day!” - Ed S.

If you're ready to put your blues playing into overdrive, join the TXBA Locals and start learning faster than you thought possible.

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