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And the light in the darkness is constantly shining. And the darkness did not overwhelm it.  John 1:5 Wuest

To our dear friends,
We are back from the Congo and below is a report which we pray will bless you and give glory to the Lord.

Igga Barriere Democratic Republic Congo 10 – 14 February 2016.

This town came into existence as it was the point of entry into the gold fields.  Some of Africa's oldest gold mines are in this area of eastern DRC.  On arrival in Igga Barriere, we had planned to work in the stadium over the weekend and set up all the equipment in ample time ready for the opening meeting. However, scheduled soccer matches changed all that! Yet, by working late into the night, our technicians ensured that everything was ready, in place and working for the first meeting. In order that the truck to enter the stadium, the team had to construct a bridge over a stream.  Finally, all was in place and God favoured us with good weather. Each night I preached a clear gospel message, the response and openness of the people was amazing. Truly the fields are ripe unto harvest.
The morning seminars were well attended by people from many different churches. The hearts of the leaders were wide open to God’s Word, and there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Many spoke in tongues for the first time; others had visions of Jesus and angels. Many testified how an overwhelming desire came upon them to preach the Gospel. Truly God is moving in Iga Bariere. The paramount chief of the region was present at every meeting and said that the name of the town should be changed to Iga Barakka! (which means blessing in Swahili)

Mongbwalu DRC 24 – 28 February 2016

Mongbwalu is a ‘town’ that exists solely on account of the gold fields. People have flocked to an area called ‘Concession 40’ in hope of making a fortune. Many crawl on hands and knees into old mine shafts ( from the days of Belgian rule). These ‘roads’ can go on for up to half a kilometer.  Once the miners have reached their destination, they hack out rock and then carry it on their backs all the way back to the outside. It is a terrible, strenuous and dangerous life. One of the main dangers is the collapse of the rock face, when many miners can be buried alive. Even if they are fortunate enough to find a little gold, it is only sufficient to keep them in beer, meat and women. Once the money runs out, then it is back to the mines! 
With that in mind, at the final meeting on Sunday night, we decided to say a special prayer for these miners. Many thought that we would pray for natural riches for them, that they would find more gold, but we prayed for true riches for them, that they would turn to Jesus, the Pearl of great price. Many, indeed, found that Pearl there and then . 
We also found that many, who had been merely formal church-goers, understood, for the first time, exactly what Jesus had done for them on the cross of Calvary. Their response was to begin anew with a life dedicated to the Lord.

Kpandroma 9th to 13 March 2016

High up in the hills, the climate is very pleasant. The hearts of the Lendu people are soft and wide‑open to the Good News of Jesus Christ. On the first day, rain fell just at the start of the meeting, yet the people still came. Then, during the preaching, a heavy mist rolled in so that it was almost impossible to see to the back of the crowd. Thankfully, the people were used to this mist and it didn’t seem to trouble anyone. The call for salvation was given and many came forward in response to the message. What was remarkable was that, as we prayed the prayer of salvation, the mist lifted. To me this was almost symbolic of what God was doing in the hearts of the people and opening their spiritual understanding.
There were many wonderful miracles of healing. I encouraged the people not to be disappointed if they were not instantly healed, but that they should continue to thank God and He would touch them as they were walking home or in their homes. One lady told us how, later, she was asleep with terrible back pain when suddenly she felt a hand touch her back. She turned to see who it was and realised it was the Lord! All the pain immediately left her.
A man came up to the stage and testified how, for three years, he had suffered under the curse of witchcraft in that he was unable to walk. In Jesus’ name, he was healed and walked perfectly. It seemed that everyone knew this man and could bear witness to the truth of what he had said. Jesus was moving.
The two days of seminars were well-attended and, on the final day, we prayed for the baptism into the Holy Spirit.  
On Saturday, by request of the local Pastors, Shireen shared her testimony. People were so amazed how Shireen’s life had changed after meeting Jesus that the ensuing altar-call was filled with lukewarm or compromising believers who were ready to re-dedicate their lives to the Lord. God had touched the hearts of so many to walk in truth, to cut off wrong relationships or to restore stolen property. One young man was so touched and convicted by the Lord, that he confessed (publicly) that he had stolen $250 from his boss. He repented, and said that he would restore what he had stolen.
On Saturday night we prayed especially for the sick. God truly moved, and a dear old lady, who had not walked in six years, was now not only walking but jumping on the leg that previously could barely hold her weight. Everywhere we heard of wonder miracles of healing.
Faith arose in the hearts of the people, and when they found out where we were staying there was a long line of people seeking prayer – even before breakfast! It was impossible to turn them away as they had walked great distances.  We were staying at Rethi Mission which was a mission station started by the Africa inland Mission in the 1920's.  The dedication and sacrifice of those early missionaries to carry the gospel so challenged us .  We could sense their very prayers still effective , we saw the fruits of their labors in that many of the descendants of the first converts were now pastors and preaching the gospel. The missionary call still cries to the church of this day .  Who will go for me says the Lord, will we not say , here am I Lord send me.
People also walked great distances to attend the afternoon meetings – some travelled fourteen kilometres, others twenty; one even came seventy kilometres just to be present .Truly there was a hunger for truth. I believe God has turned the town of Kpandroma upside down – well, not upside down, but the right way up!
The meetings were broadcast far and wide over the FM radio station. The whole area has heard God’s Word and multitudes have turned from darkness to light in Jesus the Saviour. 
We visited the local hospital and the biggest wing by far was the maternity section. What was so shocking was to see young girls – children themselves aged thirteen or fourteen – with babies!
On Sunday, we were called back to the hospital and asked to come and pray for a very important man. The Lord truly ministered to this man. He told us how his wife used to speak to him about Jesus, but now that she had passed away, there was no one to speak to him anymore about the Saviour. We spoke earnestly to him concerning Jesus and eternal salvation. He was deeply touched, and, with tears in his eyes, he gladly accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. We then went from ward to ward praying for as many as wanted prayer. Jesus had opened the hearts of the people to receive Him. What a wonderful day.
Later in the afternoon, we had the final Sunday meeting. In a town with only 15,000 people over 20,000 people attended! The Lord had drawn people from far and wide, with many walking great distances to attend. Salvation and healing flowed like a mighty river. Truly Kpandroma had received the Gospel. 
Driving to Kpandroma was a real challenge. The truck had come to a complete standstill with a damaged ‘prop’ shaft. However, it was very important not to spend a night in-between towns, as the area is known for bandits and insecurity. Thankfully, the team worked out that even without a prop shaft if they engaged ‘diff lock’ the truck would move. They drove to safety, and the next day, by God’s grace, we found the exact prop shaft we needed. Once replaced, it even took us all the way back to Kenya – although it was a little bent! Then, just one kilometre from home, the truck broke down again; this time there was no moving it until it was properly repaired. Thankfully this did not happen in the forest of DRC but where we could easily rectify it. The truck and team are now home, and enjoying some much deserved rest.

What is next?

We are stirred in our hearts to return once again to the Congo in June, July and August and bring with us the Good News of salvation in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. Planning is now underway; we are working on our truck, repairing it and getting it back into shape in order to return.
Do you not say, “There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest.
Please remember us in prayer as we return to DRC.
Yours from the harvest fields of Africa,
Roger and Shireen West.

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