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The time of year is here when I’ll be traveling around and getting to meet lots of folks I normally just have a relationship with on social media or through my writing. Usually I feel pretty awkward attempting to chat because I restrict my intake of news and pop culture. It’s a choice I make so I have the time and mental energy for writing and running my business. Which means that in a general situation, I find making chitchat downright painful.

Lucky for me that at events like Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up and the Gay Rom Lit Retreat, other people actually want to talk about the subjects in which I know things.

GRNW is coming up fast. I enjoyed my time in Seattle last year so much I can’t wait! I’ll be taking part in a panel about romance over 40. It seems to me that in most popular fiction, protagonists hover around the perpetual-29 mark, as if that age is young enough to keep from turning off younger readers but old enough for an older reader to engage with. A world where everyone’s 29 leaves me flat, and I’m all for skewing older. I consider my target audience to be in its 40’s or 50’s (and up). Plus, I like exploring a protagonist with some baggage.

I’m also participating in a panel about self-publishing vs. going with a publisher. Many people anticipate that I think publishers are unnecessary since I’ve been self-publishing since 2007, but I think it’s worth trying both avenues and seeing what works for you. It will be interesting to see how much interest there is in publishing at the meet-up. Nowadays it seems like the step between consuming content and creating content is more surmountable than ever before.

I’d love to hear your questions and comments about older characters, and I’d love your feedback either as a reader or writer on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing. Reply to this newsletter or find me on Facebook or Twitter. Your input may give us something to discuss at GRNW, or provide inspiration for future newsletters!

Love, Jordan


Q: When will more PsyCop be out in Audio?
A: Gomez is shooting some real TV at the moment, then GhosTV is the next audio on his to-do list. I'd guesstimate the project should be finished by mid-October :-) 

Seattle, Ho!

Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up is a friendly, affordable book event in Seattle.

Find me at the following places:

GRNW Conference (for ticket holders)

Saturday, September 26
Seattle Central Public Library 

11am-Noon - Like Fine Wine: Romance After 40

Noon-1pm - Traditional or Self-Publishing? Which Route to Choose?

GRNW Book Festival (free & open to the public)

Saturday, September 26
Hotel Monaco, 1101 4th Ave

4pm-6pm Paris Ballroom book signing

(I’ll have paperbacks of Charmed & Dangerous and Meatworks for sale.)

These are my official doings. I’ll also be around other events in the con Friday/Saturday night and would love to meet you.

San Diego preorder

I’m heading back to the West Coast in October for the Gay Rom Lit Retreat in San Diego. I’ll have a limited number of titles for sale in the dealer’s room, but you may also pre-order GRL paperbacks from me now to ensure you get the book you want.


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