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Keeping Warm

What do you think about snow, <<First Name>>?
Our first big snow just hit last night. I know because the local news outlet has been emailing me every two hours to tell me it's snowing. (Just kidding. I can see it from my window. But they really are emailing me every two hours.)

Last summer I began teaching water aerobics at the Y. It's a choreographed class that changes every three months, and right now we're in month three of a choreography, which means everyone knows all the steps and it's starting to feel a bit less challenging. To spice things up, a bonus Christmas song was included in the set this year. Exact same moves, different music. It was so funny how we all scrambled to make sense of the novelty of new music accompanying the steps we thought we knew so well. I'm just glad we had some snow on the ground before I broke out the Christmas music.

One thing I notice about my writing is that it tends to crap down snow and sleet in the majority of my stories. I grew up in the Snow Belt. Even at the height of summer, my brain has no problem evoking a winter scene. 

Behind the Adventuretech Mnems building, the wind had created bizarre sculptures from the most recent few snowfalls. A flat white snow shelf hung out over the back of the building a couple of feet, a glittering prong spiked out from the gap between our shop and the wall that separated it from the hospital laundry next door, and a drift created a scoop shape that led right to the shop’s rear entrance as if some unseen force had conspired to help me slip in undetected and poke around the shop. Either that, or the taggers with their sights on my back door had gotten their prayers answered. The tracks in the snow weren’t exactly fresh, but they were new, as of the last big storm—as was the illegible scrawl spray-painted across the metal security door.

-The Persistence of Memory, Mnevermind Trilogy Book 1

The Persistence of Memory is now available in audio. Here's what listeners are saying:
  • "Seth Clayton...does a great job emoting and using just the right pacing and various tones for each individual character he narrates, so it’s almost like a full cast audio!" -MtSnow
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Looking for something different to read over the holidays? The Mnevermind Trilogy takes place over the course of Christmas / New Year's. And I'm giving away book 1 through December 18 during the SFF Book Bonanza. If you love Fantasy and SF, come find some new indie authors to populate your Kindle or phone or tablet.
PsyCop fans! Here's a new holiday jigsaw puzzle just for you.
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What's Coming Down the Pike?

Gomez Pugh completed production on the audio version of PsyCop Briefs this week. I can't wait for you to hear it. The last story, Witness, is particularly powerful in audio, and The Stroke of Midnight is my favorite Jacob performance yet. Hopefully it will churn through the mysterious channels between us and the store shelves soon...though my experience is that December can be kind of laggy.

I'm still hard at work on the next PsyCop book, a Crash prequel. I'd love to release it Spring 2017. Fingers crossed.
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