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Since our last newsletter on July 6, 2017, the crew has made substantial progress pile driving and building the dock which is over 50% complete. Once completed, the new dock is designed to mitigate erosion of the embankment that fronts the river and is exposed to tidal surge and currents. The dock is an important improvement to safeguard and protect the town and cannery facility, which is a large source of income for this fishing based community.
Panoramic view of two completed cells that will be filled with rock
to form the new dock.
Monitoring is required during all pile installation. When pile driving exceeds the specified sound level limits, Greenbusch monitoring staff signal and alert the crew to temporarily pause construction.
After the pipe piles are driven into place, cross bars are welded on to support the template, which is used to form the curved face of each cell. Safety is always number one!

Celebrating The Fourth of July in Unalakleet:

  • Everyone in the village turns out for the festivities.
  • Fourth of July parade.
  • A village elder demonstrates how to clean a fish for drying before the fish cutting competition – she is awesome!
  • The greased pole competition leaves some all wet.
  • The Coffee Race! Competitors disperse, travel up the river to collect wood and water, return to the starting point, build a fire and whomever makes a cup of coffee the fastest wins.
  • Rowing competition.
The surrounding scenery and beauty of nature in Unalakleet.
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