The Greenbusch Group, Inc. specializes in Vertical Transportation needs for all types of buildings.
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The Greenbusch Group, Inc.
The Greenbusch Group, Inc. - August 2012

Vertical Transportation Specialists

Since 2003, our personnel have provided planning, design, administration, and commissioning services related to vertical transportation for both new and existing facilities.

Planning and Design services include:

  • traffic analysis
  • scope development
  • preliminary cost modeling
  • full and complete contract documentation of systems
  • construction administration

Commissioning services include:

  • car speed evaluations
  • door operating times
  • other elements not addressed by a code inspection


University of Washington HUB construction
Husky Union Building (HUB) Renovation: Currently under construction at UW, we consulted for six geared-traction elevators, four replacements and two modernizations. Includes three passenger only, one freight only, and two service elevators, with each serving between 3- and 6-stops.


South Lake Union UW Med Center construction
South Lake Union UW Medical Center ph 3: Three new passenger elevators, including a roped hydraulic elevator and two electric machine roomless hospital style elevators. There are front opening 4- and 8-stop elevators, and a 10-stop elevator with front and rear openings.


King County Housing Authority - Arbor Heights Apartments
Arbor Heights Elevator Renovation for KCHA: Prime Consultant for this 3-stop hydraulic elevator. The project contains all of the standard elements of a remodel. Mechanical and Architectural code upgrades include a new louver at the top of the hoistway and a seismic valve and elevator code upgrades.


Washington State Capitol Campus - bronze O'Brien Building Elevator
O'Brien Building Historic Renovation: Includes two electric traction elevators. The 5-stop passenger elevator and service elevator are being modernized to conform to current codes. Careful attention is being taken to protect historic components, such as the bronze elevator door skin, of this Washington State Capitol Campus building.
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