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Interesting Acoustical and A/V Projects

Greenbusch has provided services for a number of interesting and unusual projects. This month's newsletter features two recent acoustical/vibration consulting and audio/video technology consulting projects.

SPSCC Building 22
Audio/Video consulting services for the renovation of Building 22 (Phase 3) at the South Puget Community College in Olympia, Washington.

The renovation transformed the old automotive and welding facility into a light-filled open space for student interaction.

All SPSCC photos provided by SRG Partnership, Inc.

Systems were designed for classroom and computer instruction/lab spaces. Huddle booths are very popular with students. They are able to connect their laptops or other mobile devices to large flatscreens and multiple headphone jacks to share audio and video in a study group.
Pre-renovation, left and post-renovation, right.

A/V systems were installed in:
  • Classrooms
  • Study groups (lobby booths and group rooms in library) spaces
  • High-tech media classrooms (6 video projectors, flexible layouts), with adjacent studio and control room, including cinema-quality video and surround sound
Freeway Shaker Testing
New ventilation designs for a freeway tunnel raised concerns of additional vibration and noise.

Vibration testing was performed to analyze the structural response of the supply fan room of the freeway tunnel.

Vibrators and shakers were attached to the floor to excite it at different frequencies and to determine the response. Accelerometers were installed on each shaker armature at four locations on the fan room floor to take measurements.
After analysis, we recommended that all new fans be balanced to the BV-5 category defined in AMCA 204 standard for fans. We also wrote a specification for the fan balance for the contract documents.
Greenbusch also provides technical expertise in mechanical engineering, vertical transportation design and commissioning services.
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