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Your Weekly Inspirational Message

This Week’s Quote:
"Something precious is lost if we rush headlong into the details of life without pausing for a moment to pay homage to the mystery of life and the gift of another day in that moment."  --Kent Nerburn

Deeper Insight:

Each moment you are living in is the moment that will bring you great satisfaction...if you allow it to.  This means that you are consciously aware of, not only what you are doing, but also of the joy that you are receiving from every moment of life.  Know that the energy you put forth is precious in the creation of your life.  It is in this moment that you need to be aware. Open your eyes, open your mind. See the Truth...that it is only this moment that matters.  When you give this moment your attention with love in your heart, you will also find that you are equally mindful.  You are mindful of what you are creating for your future in a way that gives you a sense of peace and calm, not worry.  All things of beauty flow from this place.  It is the calm that comes over you when you allow your heart to open to the beauty of your life around you right now, in this present moment.

-The Voice of “I"

This Week’s Focused Action:
Do not rush and miss the joy of your life.  Open yourself wide to all of the magnificence that you are creating. Give homage to the life that you have at this moment. Own it and love it.  If you find yourself in a place that does not feel good, appreciate and love that moment anyway.   Be thankful for the insight you have received from it, and begin to create something new that makes you feel better. With gratitude for what you have, you will begin to create more things to be grateful for.  Suddenly, you will see that you are creating the life that you desire “in the future” right now.
Awareness and Mindfulness go hand in hand. You will master your day, your gift of life, when you find your way to these words and give them focus.
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*Mary Lynn has received this information from her extensive time seeking personal growth, truth and wisdom through spiritual searching and meditation.  “The Voice of I” represents the omnipotent source of love, and all there is. While it is meant to transcend the different terminology and titles designated by various religions, it underscores the pure loving connection that we all have within us to this magnificent power.

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