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Your Weekly Inspirational Message

This Week’s Quote:
"Choose your intention carefully, then practice holding your consciousness to it so it becomes the guiding light in your life." -- John Roger

Deeper Insight:

You are brilliant beyond your understanding. You are incredibly powerful beyond your knowing.  Use your talents, your gifts, and your truth to create your world in whatever way you choose.  Have all the joy, all the fun, all the pleasure of this experience by setting your intentions clearly.  You are limited only by what you ask for.  You may choose to have it all or have none, but remember it is always your choice.  What you receive is what you have intended.  It may be unclear to you how this happens, but know that you will always get what you think about, speak about, and put into action.  If you want more joy, think more about joy. Be more joyful in thoughts about yourself first, as well as the thoughts and words you use about others. 
--The Voice of “I”

This Week’s Focused Action:

Today, be crystal clear about your wishes and begin believing that you can have them now. Become one with your thoughts of joy; think about them loudly to yourself, repeat what you want in your life, and begin to feel the joy of having your dreams come true.
 Your belief is the critical factor in this creative process called life. You must be kind to yourself first.  Believe that you are deservant of all the things you wish for.  Know that it is all yours to behold when you love yourself enough.
What you truly believe to be yours is yours.  It is only that which you doubt, which will melt away in front of you. You shall always have what you believe, no matter the subject.  As you ask, move forward with a knowingness that you are on the path of your dreams.

Be your own guiding light.  Be clear and be calm when you ask, and do so on a daily basis. Have love in your heart for you. Remember that abundance is your birthright, and the way to it is by asking and believing.
As the new year approaches, many of us begin to "resolve" to better ourselves.  To learn more about using these resolutions to create the life you want, visit our latest Blog at
*Voice of "I" - Mary Lynn has received this information from her extensive time seeking personal growth, truth and wisdom through spiritual searching and meditation.  “The Voice of I” represents the omnipotent source of love, and all there is. While it is meant to transcend the different terminology and titles designated by various religions, it underscores the pure loving connection that we all have within us to this magnificent power.

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