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VOL. XXVI, no. 38; September 2022, week 4
Posted : 23.Sep.2022

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Filing Labor Certifications During Sixth Year of H1B

H1B workers who wish to remain in the United States on a more permanent basis typically seek to have their respective employers initiate the green card process as soon as possible. But, for a variety of reasons, it is not uncommon for H1B workers to find themselves approaching the six-year limit of H1B status before the green card process gets underway. Filing Labor Certifications During Sixth Year of H1B discusses some of the challenges - and solutions - to starting a green card case when there is little H1B time remaining. More detailed, case-specific advice is available from the Murthy Law Firm by scheduling a consultation.

Immigration Beat: News

1. MurthyAudio: Timing Issues – Green Card / H1B Extensions
Posted September 16, 2022

The impact of timing issues when filing H1B and other nonimmigrant extensions and when the PERM process (i.e. green card) should be started are topics discussed by Murthy Law Firm attorneys in this teleconference from 07.Sep.2022. The MP3 is available here and in the archive of our teleconferences and podcasts on iTunes.

2. USCIS Implement Phase III of Premium Processing Expansion for Certain I-140 Petitions
Posted September 16, 2022

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced yesterday evening that, effective immediately, it has initiated the third phase of expanding the availability of premium processing service for two categories of I-140 petitions that historically have not been eligible for premium processing. Specifically, the USCIS is expanding the option of premium processing service to certain pending I-140 petitions filed under the EB1(c) multinational executive and manager category and EB2 national interest waiver (NIW) I-140 petitions.  Read more.

3. DHS Final Public Charge Rule Effective from 23.Dec.2022

Posted September 22, 2022

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published a final rule in the Federal Register, which reaffirms long-standing guidance applicable for determinations of whether an individual is likely to become a public charge. A foreign national who is considered likely to become a public charge is inadmissible, and therefore will not be issued a U.S. visa, granted admission to the United States, or allowed to adjust status.  Read more.

On Our Minds & In Our
Community: Blog & Forum

4. Forum Topic of the Week: F-1 to H1B Transition Questions/Issues
This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions about transitioning from F-1 status to H1B status.  Read more.

You Want to Know: FAQs

Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance that clarifies the law. For information on our FREE online services, click here. Access more FAQs here.
  • My EB2 I-485 was approved a few days ago. My wife’s I-485, which is also based on my I-140, is still pending. My priority date will no longer be current in October. What happens if her case is not approved before October 1st?  Answer
  • My employer is filing an L1B for me so that I can continue working on a project involving our proprietary software. Initially, I will be working at our headquarters. But, at some point, I likely will need to work at the client location for some months to finish installing and modifying the software. Is this allowed while on L1B?  Answer
  • I was working for Employer A in H1B status, and then moved to Employer B. I am now interested in returning to Employer A. The employer did not withdraw the petition, and it does not expire until next year. Can I join based on the existing petition, or does Employer A need to first file an H1B transfer?  Answer

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Teleconference: Impact of Visa Bulletin Movement
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05.Oct.2022 at 2pm (Eastern Time, U.S.)
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