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VOL. XXVI, no. 27; July 2022, week 2
Posted : 08.Jul.2022

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USCIS Site Visits: What to Expect
Now, more than ever, companies that employ H1B and/or L-1 workers must be prepared for a surprise visit from the USCIS. The prospect of playing unexpected host to a government representative may send chills up the spines of many employers, but it doesn't have to. First, read USCIS Site Visits: What to Expect for an overview of what these site visits are like. Then, speak with a Murthy Law Firm attorney who can help make sure you're ready for any unexpected visitors!

Immigration Beat: News

1. Nonimmigrant Visa Waivers – Process and Criteria
Posted July 5, 2022

Foreign nationals may be deemed ineligible for admission (i.e. inadmissible) to the United States for a variety of reasons. Common grounds of inadmissibility include the following: medical grounds, criminal grounds, and immigration violations (including fraud or material misrepresentation in connection with an immigration benefit). In most situations, a finding of inadmissibility means that a person cannot enter the U.S. Generally, such a person is admissible only after obtaining a nonimmigrant visa (NIV) waiver.  Read more.

2. Effect of Travel While in H1B / L-1 Status and Pending I-485

Posted July 7, 2022

There are questions commonly on the minds of many MurthyDotCom readers regarding the effect of reentry into the United States on H1B or L-1 workers who also have approved advance parole (AP) based on a pending application to adjust status (form I-485). The law pertaining to this situation is not clear and the result is confusing. Many with both H1B (or L-1) status and AP find themselves faced with the difficult decision of how to reenter the U.S. after travel abroad. One must decide between reentering in H1B (or L-1) status, which requires that the passport have a valid H1B (or L-1) visa stamp or utilizing the AP document.  Read more.

On Our Minds & In Our
Community: Blog & Forum

3. Forum Topic of the Week: E-2 Treaty Investor Visa
This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding the E-2 treaty investor visa.  Read more.

You Want to Know: FAQs

Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance that clarifies the law. For information on our FREE online services, click here. Access more FAQs here.
  • My company filed an I-140 petition for me, which is still pending. I plan on getting married to a green card holder next month. After we are married, can my wife file an I-130 for me, or would I need to first withdraw the I-140?  Answer
  • I need to file to extend my H-4 status and the H-4 status of my son. My son is turning 21 next year, so he is only eligible for about 10 months of H-4 time. Is it ok to file his application as an I-539A supplement with my I-539 application?  Answer
  • I am doing various freelance jobs based on an H-4 EAD, which is valid through 2023. My H1B registration was selected in the lottery, and that H1B change-of-status request is pending. If the case is approved, do I have to stop using the H-4 EAD immediately?  Answer

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Teleconference: Impact of Criminal Issues
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03.Aug.2022 at 2pm (Eastern Time, U.S.)
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Visa Bulletin & Processing Times
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