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pizza express

DEAN ST SOHO london Thurs oct 14
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In 1998 I walked into Pizza on the Park to hear Jimmy Webb playing his most famous song "MacArthur Park" at the piano. You know the one..."Someone left my cake out, in the rain..." Well I have to admit that I made two decisions that day, I thought to myself If he can make a fortune writing lyrics like that, well surely I can do something....& I set on this long path, the one I am still leaking ink along, to be a songwriter

No fortune yet, but I have now sung at that very same venue & played on that very same piano to a warm & ever-so-embracing London crowd.

I am about to sing at the other venue I peeked a view at back there in 1998 PIZZA EXPRESS DEAN ST. So come & join me...listen to some of my new songs - I am playing with the likes of Special Guest ANTONIO FORCIONE & also Paul Robinson will be playing drums (that same Paul who played alongside Nina Simone for 20 years). 

A magic night for me, to be singing my own poetry with the likes of such talent.

Honoured & blessed, FREYjA.



ITUNES nearly up

Yes indeed, the rumours are October...FREYjA Catalogue to be Avaialble on Itunes in October, including new album....

The New Album - listen here

"Not That Girl" is finally mastered & will be going up on itunes along with all FREYjA's other songs.

As for the actual hard copy of the album itself, well we are currently working on the 12 page booklet / cover design. Once we raise the funds to print & press it then you will be able to buy it!

You Tube

The FREYjATV Collection of videos has been launched & includes 4 songs live from the Pizza On the Park Concert

The Magician with Antonio Forcione is a particularly magic moment for me since I have been dreaming of performing this song with him since we met back in 1998

New Website

With the new website, which is now integrated with all FREYjA networks, there is a new guestbook to fill so listen to some of FREYjA's newer songs at Myspace & leave your thoughts at the new guestbook "Get In Touch"

Facebook Music Artist Page

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